On The Dot

afternoon snack

People are always asking me how I manage to get it all done. Yes.  I stay home with Quinn, but that doesn’t mean I have all this time leftover to have fun or relax.  NOTHING about my day is fabulous unless you consider drinking coffee cold and showering well after noon in that category of “things [...]

Throwing A Protein Curveball

tempeh recipe roundup

I have grown to really love Tempeh and it gives me another option for protein since I don’t even want to think about seafood.  There are a million recipes out there for how to make it, but I thought a roundup of how to make an entire meal using Tempeh would be great since I [...]

That Pink Was Stink

how I painted my tub text overlay

Until a few months ago, I enjoyed the color pink.  HECK even this blog has lots of pink. Then we bought our house and little pink squares of Satan kept popping up.  First it was the tub and tile.  Then it was the floor.  {sigh.} A picture is worth a thousand words but when you [...]

I’ll Pass

crossfit reasons

If you have been reading my blog for any period of time, you will notice that I am into fitness.  I am always on the hunt for new workouts and articles that relate to healthy living.  I also love to post about my experience and things I feel are the best options based on what information [...]

Age Appropriate Chores for Your Baby

chores for 15 month old

I’m not quite sure what is happening to my baby.  She went from cooing and crawling to having conversations and doing chores. That’s right. Quinn is 15 months old and she has chores.  Nothing too difficult, but I like giving her a chance to help me and feel proud about helping me.  It’s a great [...]

Currently {Food &Fitness ADD}

fitness currenlty august

I get this question a lot. “What do you do for your workouts?  What are you eating?” Well, I know I have moved away from lifecasting on the blog so that I can bring you content that I feel helps you much more than my crazy pictures of what I do all day, but I [...]

Frozen Chocolate Shakeology Bark

coconut shakeology bark

Oh. my. gosh.  Welcome to heaven. I’ve been having this urge to make frozen peanut butter ice cream cups, but was feeling adventurous.  I decided to whip up a few new recipes and make one that can replace my recent coconut-dark-chocolate-bar habit. You will use the same Chocolate Bark base for these recipes (or any [...]

The Greener Side of Parenting

quinn and I resize

Last night I found myself wondering if I have failed as a parent or if I have done everything right and every parent feels this way at some point or another. {Back story} While raising Quinn, Rob and I feel as if we have done everything by the book when it comes to “Rules to [...]

That Time When Sitch Fix Redeemed Itself

stitch fix collage two

Wow. Today has been quite the whirlwind.  I planned on having this post up earlier, but I got a call this morning stating that the buyer’s for Old House want to close… TOMORROW!  (Inset panic here.) That means I have to get the last few things from the house, pack up all the papers, fill [...]