GLOW Your Pinterest

glow your blog with pinterest workbook

  One super cool part about being an online influencer is the ability to work with and promote brands that I use and love on a daily basis.  I’ve worked with some amazing brands from Isopure to Urban Remedy and it’s like Christmas morning every time I get a package of something to test out. I […]

How to Recover & Reward Yourself (Without Using Food)

I love using The Original Worm to recovery from workouts. Use it like a foam roller to release lactic acid and reduce muscle tension.

Nine weeks to go, friends! Put on my swimsuit and heels tonight just to walk around and get comfy. I can’t wait to see my body start changing like crazy!! #9weeksout #npcprep #npcbikini #heels #npcbikinicompetitor #chickswithmuscle #chickswholift #gymlife #TrustTheTrainer #TrustTheProcess #npcvirgin #VbyVgoesNPC A photo posted by Kayla🔅Variety By Vashti🔅 (@kaylavashti) on Aug 6, 2015 at […]

Flex Your Food Avoidance Muscle

5 tips to Flex Your Food Avoidance Muscle and Stay on Track with Your Meal Plan at Social Events

“Kayla, how do you have such willpower?” I get this question a lot at family functions, pool parties, girl’s night out, or anytime people see me avoiding food that isn’t on my strict meal plan.  If you haven’t noticed, everything we do revolves around food… Sure, I could avoid having dessert after our date night […]

Fitspo Had To Go

Why I Tossed My Fitspo Picture

Fitspo = Fitness Inspiration I’m sure we all have someone (or maybe a few, hundred) that we admire for their figure.  We might look up to them for their athletic ability, or even just wish we had their abs.  Fitspo is used online to describe people or accounts who are admirable with these specific “traits” […]

How The Bible Is Fueling My Training

sacrifice quote

sac·ri·fice /ˈsakrəˌfīs/ noun: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. We sacrifice our sanity and sleep for our children.  (Kidding, but yet I’m not.) We sacrifice energy and time so we can have a paycheck to support our family. We sacrifice our body or junky food to grow […]

Kiq Your Excuses to the Curb

Kiqplan app REVIEW - personalized home workouts + nurtirion + sync with devices and apps

**Disclsosure: I am partnering with Kiqplan to bring you this post.  Although I was compensated and given a free trial, these are my own thoughts and opinions.  As always, my disclosure policy is to make you aware and keep it 100% real. **  People often ask me how I do it. How do I manage […]

Mom Bod

Mom Bod + How I Feel About Being Told I Don't Look Like A Mom

I’m sure you have seen the term “dad bod” floating around on the internet lately.  Naturally, I started thinking about mom bod.  It’s all in humor, but if we really dive in, it’s so true that as a parent, we tend to let ourselves go; kids, jobs, housework, etc all come first. {Rewind for a […]

Sometimes I Need A Mantra #FuelToday

#FuelToday with a mantra + DailyBurn PRE

**Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DailyBurn as part of my partnership with FitFluential.  As always, I like to disclose that although I have been compensated to talk about this product, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.  My full disclosure policy is here. ** Today I broke down. I know it seems like […]

V by V Goes NPC

5 things to consider before choosing your personal trainer

I’ve been thinking about competing NPC bikini for a while now and as you probably saw via FB or IG, I am diving in! This is going to be an intense process so I will post the ups and downs, things I learn along the way and my progress.  Part of me doesn’t want to […]

5 Tips to Make Fasted Cardio Your Beyotch

5 Tips for Fasted Cardio + interval circuit

I’m sorry I have been so quiet the past week.  Momma has a lot going on! I am getting so close to my blog photo shoot with Nick Amrhein!  If you follow me on snapchat (@kaylatyburski) or IG, you may notice that I have added in fasted cardio this week. First, let me explain why […]