All About That Bass

booty back workout

It’s been my goal to bring booty baaaaack for a little while now and I am seeing some changes! I know most of us girls want to build a bigger tighter tush so my post today is for your back side.  <<Remember, it’s theme week! Add these in a few times a week and feel [...]

Back {Theme Week}

ebook meal plan

I have something super awesome to share with you!  I know that you love my meal plan and in fact I am guessing it is why you subscribed to Variety by Vashti. Am I right? Well if I’m not, it won’t be the first time I didn’t guess correctly.  But who is keeping track?  Not [...]

Fall Bucket List

fall bucket list

Ah. We made it to fall. Unfortunately, this season is too short, followed by our not-long-enough-summers.  I would be perfectly okay with wiping out winter and spring entirely.  You? I don’t think I am alone when I sit and fantasize about all these dreamy fall things I would do all day (if I didn’t have [...]

Shh… It’s A Secret

how to create a password archive for blog subscribers

There is a way to keep special goodies for your readers and subscribers right here on your blog, but have it password protected. I am using it for my blog newsletter subscribers so that my best readers, new or old, can have access to all the posts that were exclusively sent out. You just have to create a password protected page!

Sick Baby Survival Kit

DIY Vicks

It’s exhausting having a sick baby.  Every parent knows that a bug just needs to work it’s way through baby’s system, but being sleep deprived on top of wiping snot and getting screamed at can wear you down like the week you first brought that gem baby home. Exhausting. The other night I was putting [...]

On The Dot

play with Quinn

People are always asking me how I manage to get it all done. Yes.  I stay home with Quinn, but that doesn’t mean I have all this time leftover to have fun or relax.  NOTHING about my day is fabulous unless you consider drinking coffee cold and showering well after noon in that category of “things [...]

Throwing A Protein Curveball

tempeh recipe roundup

I have grown to really love Tempeh and it gives me another option for protein since I don’t even want to think about seafood.  There are a million recipes out there for how to make it, but I thought a roundup of how to make an entire meal using Tempeh would be great since I [...]

That Pink Was Stink

how I painted my tub text overlay

Until a few months ago, I enjoyed the color pink.  HECK even this blog has lots of pink. Then we bought our house and little pink squares of Satan kept popping up.  First it was the tub and tile.  Then it was the floor.  {sigh.} A picture is worth a thousand words but when you [...]

I’ll Pass

crossfit reasons

If you have been reading my blog for any period of time, you will notice that I am into fitness.  I am always on the hunt for new workouts and articles that relate to healthy living.  I also love to post about my experience and things I feel are the best options based on what information [...]

Age Appropriate Chores for Your Baby

chores for 15 month old

I’m not quite sure what is happening to my baby.  She went from cooing and crawling to having conversations and doing chores. That’s right. Quinn is 15 months old and she has chores.  Nothing too difficult, but I like giving her a chance to help me and feel proud about helping me.  It’s a great [...]