21 weeks {Sex + What I Wore}

Happy Monday!

I stayed home from work today because I was up all night with a stomache ache.  Thank the Lord I didn’t throw up (felt like it but I would rather sleep with snakes) but I definitely felt sick.  Even now, my stomach is kinda gurgly 🙁

So anyway…an update on baby Tyburski!

18 weeks vs 21 weeks…big difference!

18 weeks versus 21 weeks pregnant

Rob and I went to our first ultrasound last week.  He wasn’t thrilled about my photo journaling idea, so no pics for you.  We both got very nervous as soon as we started seeing the baby!

ultrasound 20 weeks

Everything is normal and growing like it should be…except for a penis!  It’s definitely a girl! 🙂

baby girl 21 weeks pregnant

Now we get to choose one of our three favorite names.  (I know I lied about keeping the sex a secret, but I am keeping the name hush hush.)  We are both very excited to be having a little lady and OF COURSE I am already wanting to nest.  More on that later this week.

So, now that I am halfway through my second trimester, I want to share what I wore during the first!

Dressing for the 1st trimester

GOAL: Cover up the tiny bump that makes you look like you stuffed your fat friggin’ face at a party.  (Or like you have a food baby A.K.A. You need to poop.)  You aren’t big enough for maternity clothes, yet feel like Alice In Wonderland because your clothes are shrinking.

What to wear: flowy tops, scarves, layers, leggings, maxi dress, empire waist

scarf fun boho chic red jacket polka dots

blue button up: TJ Maxx $8
Brown Boots: Shoe Carnival $54
Purple Skirt: TJ Maxx $12
Polka Dot Cardi: Target $18
*I did not purchase new items for 1st trimester; I wore items I already owned.

What not to wear: clingy tops and maternity pants…just stay away!

I will be making some new purchases soon to accomodate my growing belly and hips!  I will post links as well.

Good night!


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