What I Wore {2nd Trimester}

I’m back!

The move went well and I only have a little unpacking left to do.  THANK THE LORD for hunky men.  There is no way this pregnant momma could lift all the heavy furniture no matter how much muscle I have.  I am thoroughly enjoying being back in my house and am prepping for some saweet DIY projects for you to see!

Since I have been keeping meals very simple this week due to the move, there is nothing really worthy of posting.  Plan on a recipe next week since I will be making my menu this weekend.  Speaking of the weekend, not only is it St. Patrick’s Day, but I will be heading home to visit my fam!  I haven’t been home since Christmas. 🙁  I will do a recap on Monday.

Between work and walking around my house constantly to organize and put things away, my workouts have been just that.  I literally don’t stop moving from 7 am until about 10 pm.  This 3rd trimester I may need a nap here and there but I still have quite a bit of energy!  Can you believe I’m in my 3rd trimester?  Geeze.  Me either.

What I Wore-2nd Trimester

GOAL: Start to show off your itty bitty bump!  You won’t get people really noticing or commenting on your belly unless they know you are pregnant; they fear that they might offend you if you aren’t really pregnant and just getting fat.  You can tell and that’s all that matters!  You still might fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes and aren’t quite ready for maternity.

What to wear: belts, long tops/tanks, layers, leggings, fun prints, bright colors, stretch anything.

red pants

polka dot jacket

maxi dress with polka dots

belted cardigan

polka dot cardigan

Red Pants: Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies $8
Snakeskin flats: Old Navy $4
Belts: Old Navy $2 each
White Maternity tank: Old Navy $7

*When you shop, find pieces you can still wear post-pregnancy!  I only purchased longer tanks from Old Navy; I already owned everything else.

What not to wear: anything that makes you uncomfortable or sweat pants/pajamas.  You are pregnant, not a professional sleeper. If you dress yourself up, you will surely feel better!

Don’t forget about how I concealed for the 1st Trimester.

I am all for cheap and functional clothing!

Where did you score major deals lately? 

If you are a mom, what was your favorite place to shop for maternity clothing?


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