Catching Up


Has it really been 2 weeks since I have blogged?  Yes…yes it has.  So sorry.

So in that two weeks I was one busy gal.  (per usual.)  Check out the list of things I was doing:

  • moving into my house
  • unpacking
  • Doctor visits
  • unpacking
  • decorating
  • unpacking
  • traveling out of town
  • cleaning out the garage
  • unpacking
  • cleaning out the attic
  • unpacking

As you can see, I have been unpacking like crazy.  I still have a few things at my apartment but it can wait.  I was sick of thinking about moving!  I wanted to tackle some baby stuff!

Rob did not want to put the crib together because he wanted to watch the Buckeyes play.  It was easy for me to assemble so he only had to help a little.

helping with crib

We were sincerely disappointed and I will be writing Target and Graco about this crib.  Although it was easy to put together, there are multiple things that are wrong.  It sucks that you spend so much and get crap.  I will be returning it but for now it’s hanging out in the kitchen because I don’t feel like taking it apart.

crib problems

I spent a few hours getting our closet shelves up yesterday.  Note to self: NEVER buy these shelves ever again!  They are a pain.


P.S. Robert,…. I may have a lot of clothes, but you have a CRAP TON of T-shirts!

T shirt overload

I put a few things in baby girl’s closet, too!  Pink, ruffles, OSU clothes (bleh) hats, and little socks already!

baby clothes

Working out just hasn’t happened in the way that I imagine it should, but I have to stop and remember that cleaning out the garage, carrying boxes down 3 flights of stairs, unpacking, hanging closet shelves, etc is a workout!  I may not feel like I’m working out, but I can guarantee I’m burning a bajillion calories.  I know because my feet are killing me from all the walking!

I guess that is why at my 30 week appointment, I weighed in and have only gained 15 lbs since pre-pregnancy.  I was a little worried about that number but my Doc assured me that I am doing great and other women gain too much.  She said 15-20 for entire pregnancy might become the new “average” for healthy weight gain during pregnancy.  I still have a month or two to go (who knows when she will greet us!) but I’m right on track.

30 weeks pregnant

So that is what my life has been for two weeks, plus a few fun moments.  I’m trying to get ready for Baby T in case she graces us with her presence early!  Only four weeks until my shower and I will reveal her name.  SO IN LOVE!

Have a great week!  I will be back on a regular basis now. 🙂

How should I reveal her name?!

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