Awaiting April

Okay.  It’s April 1st and this weather sucks.

It’s all sunny and nice out but just when you think, “Oh, sun!  I will go outside and get some fresh air,” you remember that it’s stupid and cold out.


Well at least we had one day that was somewhat nice out so I could get outside and work on some furniture for the nursery.  I decided to take a dresser and side table that I got for free and transform them.  Full DIY details here!side table


They both turned out so cute and her room is getting closer to being done!  I can’t wait to get her curtains Sneak peek:


I am now 32 weeks and I will do a belly update this week.  Not much time left to get things ready for baby girl and I have been going like crazy.  Cleaning, shopping, organizing, running errands, etc to prepare is keeping me on the move!  In fact, yesterday I had to actually rest…unheard of… because I was having some pre-term labor symptoms.  It drives me crazy to rest and I wish I knew how many calories I burn a day by not sitting still for 16 hours straight!

My doctor said I am fine and there is nothing to worry about but to increase my calcium and potassium.  This week I will be shoveling in even more of these foods:

  • sesame seeds
  • almonds
  • flax seeds
  • leafy greens
  • almond milk
  • white beans
  • sweet potato
  • cado
  • banana

So I am keeping it short and sweet tonight since my DIY post and belly update will be lengthy.  I might have to post a recipe this week as well because it’s been a while!

Have a great night!

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