Nursery Furniture DIY

As I mentioned yesterday, I tackled some DIY projects this weekend.  These two pieces of furniture saved us HUGE bucks in the nursery!  The total of these projects cost me less than $50 and I still have materials left over for other DIY thingys.

Dresser Re-Do

dresser repurpose

  • Clean and patch and bumps.  (I like my furniture to have character so I leave them!)
  • Remove drawers and handles.

remove handles

how to re-do a dresser

  • 1. Two coats of primer since the dresser was a laminate/gloss surface + two coats of high gloss Behr Cotton Whisper.
  • 2. Three coats teal on inside of dresser.
  • 3. Two coats spray paint on dresser feet.  Attach top plates to bottom of dresser.
  • 4. Two coats spray paint on new handles.
  • 5. Reattach handles and add feet.

white and teal dresser

Now I just need to have the shelves cut to size and added in plus a few final touches!  I will recap when I get that done so you can see the FINAL finished product.  Here is another dresser re-do that is similar to mine but much more in depth.  Looking for more inspiration?

Side Table Re-Do

side table refinish

(Much like the process above.)
  1. Clean and prep the table.
  2. Remove handles.
  3. Two coats primer.
  4. Two coats Cotton Whisper.
  5. Two coats teal.
  6. Reattach handle.

table paint

So there you have it!  I am so glad we decided to repurpose furniture rather than buy new.  Not only did we save money but I will remember making these special things for my lil girl!

Have you tried to save moola by taking on a DIY project?

What DIY project are you most proud of?


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