33 Week Update

Well…I have been feeling like a heffer this week.  I realize I am not as big as I feel but WOW, my tummy is starting to feel pushed out and I miss the tone I had pre-pregnancy.

I guess after 33 weeks I am right on track but it is still hard to look at the scale and see 145.6.  I’ve gained 20 lbs… Ouch.  That is a healthy number, but still strange to see on a scale after being so fitness oriented.

Yes. I could be running or doing more for a workout.

No. I do not feel like it when I am walking and busy all day long.

I honestly feel like working out would just drain me more and be too uncomfortable.  Notice I said “working out.”  I need to clarify because I don’t consider walking and housework a workout (although it certainly is at this point and I burn a lot of calories doing it!)  When I say “working out” I am referring to a planned time that I actually purposely fatigue my body.  AKA running, yoga, pilates, swimming, strength training, etc.

Working out is perfectly acceptable when you are pregnant, I just have been much more focused on my eating habits and getting my to-do list done each day.  I have to admit I feel terribly guilty that I haven’t been working out.  I am trying to remind myself that I will be back on track later this summer (after recovering) and that nutrition is ultimately the most important.  (What I Ate post coming soon!)  What good would a workout be if I ate sugary cereal for breakfast, breaded chicken for lunch, and hot pockets for dinner?!

So let me remind you…it is about balance.  There will be days you miss your workout.  Hell, there might even be weeks.  If you do nothing else, at least eat right.

Enough rambling.  That was just weighing me down…literally.  Let’s move on to more exciting things.

33 weeks pregnant

Time is starting to fly by and there is still so much to be done!  I am getting so excited for my last day of work and shower with co-workers (April 26th) as well as my big shower (April 27th.)  Yes, I did just say “last day of work.”  I will be posting about that separately.

In the meantime, I am getting more things ready for the nursery and finishing up last minute to-dos.  Look at what I tackled this week!  I was so scared but so thrilled at how the crib turned out!  See my Crib Skirt and Crib Bumper Tutorials!

DIY crib bedding


So there you have it.  Another post of my chitter chatter!  My brain is pretty scattered at this point so expect posts from now on to be a mash of all things.

Nighty night!

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