Blessed Birthday

Hi my loves!

I can’t believe how fast time is flying and I am sorry that I can’t keep up with blogging.  Tomorrow is my last day at work (more on that later) so I will be blogging more often until baby girl comes.  Then I will be MIA here and there but try my best to stay on track!

So this Monday was my 26th birthday and I had a great week because of all the people in my life that make it so special.  Rob spoiled me with patio furniture, my mom came to visit and the girls at work suprised me with treats, cards, and flowers.  Not to mention all the messages I received from people who were thinking of me on my special day.

gerbera daisy

patio furniture

While my mom was here, we made a trip to the mall.  SHOPPING SPREE!  You know you are going to be a mom when you see so many cute clothes that you want yet you spend over $100 on nursing bras.  I should mention that I bought two sleep nursing bras and good lord…I will never wear a normal bra again.  These are amazing!

I did end up picking up a few things as a bday gift.

jersey old navy dress

coral sequin sperry

  • sunglasses from Aldo
  • Buckle:  Sperry knockoffs, shower dress
  • Old Navy freebies: cotton dress, four shirts for Rob, cardigan, cotton top

The rest of the time my mom was here was spent visiting by a backyard bonfire and relaxing.  We enjoyed every minute of it!  I also finally hung up the chalkboard I made with $5 green “oops!” paint and an old frame I found in the attic.  Sometime soon I will be hanging a shelf above to finish my coffee bar.

coffee buffet

green chalkboard

Before leaving, Mom just had to get another picture of my fat belly and she waited until I was in PJs and looking like a slob.  My sincere apologies…

35 weeks pregnant

So anyway… it was a great birthday and I keep stopping to realize how great my life is and how I should be so thankful for the people I have in it as well as the way things are going.  I couldn’t be happier!

Tomorrow is my work shower and farewell party so I will recap those festivities ASAP!

Have a great night!

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