Killer Workout + New Goals


Tomorrow is the start of the Beach Bum Battle!

Top coaches, challengers and yours truly will be crushing our health and fitness goals for 45 days.  I can’t wait to see the transformations!  Although I am REALLY ready to go balls-to-the-walls with my workouts, I got a reality check today.  I was loudly told to listen to my body.

I was going to do TurboFire Fire 30 but decided I wanted something with cardio and weights so I opted for ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Intervals.

chalean extreme

This workout requires you to do intense cardio drills for about 2 minutes then recover light your fat on fire by doing 2 minutes of muscle endurance with light weights.  The entire workout is alternating between the two.  Here’s a glimpse:

2 minutes each: Sumo Burpees > Bicep Curls > Plyometric Bowler Lunges > Tricep Extensions > Kickboxing Twist/Jumps > Overhead Press


I was dying.  I started to feel light headed and paused the tape to walk and catch my breath.  I kept going for a few more minutes, but decided it’s best to not go overboard since I did just pop out a human being just 5 weeks ago.  I had to quit early.

calling it quits

I was so shaky.  Pun intended.


The Shakeology and a cool shower helped.  So lesson learned…know when to stop.  It’s just not worth it to hurt yourself or make yourself sick!

Quinn just fell asleep so now it’s time for me to really think about my goals for this challenge.  I need to be SMART!

smart goal setting concept

I will update you with what I decide to work toward during this challenge and give you some 5 week Quinn pics tomorrow.

Have a great night!




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