Weekend Roundup

I tell you what.  The days just begin to blend together when you are a stay at home mom. I can’t believe it is already Tuesday again… or the fact that I actually know it’s Tuesday. #normallyhavetocheckmyplanner

Saturday morning I was up playing with Quinn when I got a text from my little brother that his baseball game was earlier than they previously told me.  Needless to say, the snacks I had planned and packed got left behind sobbing on my kitchen counter.  I was so focused on packing for Quinn, giving her medicine, feeding her, changing diaper, getting ready, etc that I forgot. :-/

While driving I chugged my new Vanilla Shakeology which I made with 1 cup orange juice and ice.  It was gone in 60 seconds, pun intended.  I had no time to snap a pic.  Around 12:30, Cameron played his first game and they won 11-1.


In between games, we ran to Subway.  I was starving and ended up only slightly veering off track with my eats.  I got a veggie sub (cuke, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, banana pepper, spinach, black olive, avocado) on Italian herbs and cheese with pepper jack and a tiny bit of Southwest sauce.  I also had 1/2 a pb cookie and 1/2 a macadamia cookie; could have been much worse!

The second game was won 9-1 with the boys playing very well yet again.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching my brother get hit in the ribs when the 1st baseman tried to throw home to prevent his steal.  haha.  I’m actually kidding.  That poor kid gets beat up way too much from sports.  He’s a champ!

Quinn enjoyed being outside and slept most of the time.  Per usual.

sun baby

Daddy was even able to come spend the day in the sun with us since he got off work early.  After the games, we packed up and headed home.  My worst eat of the day was two slices of veggie Vito’s pizza. Again, gone too quick for a pic!

Sunday, my dad made me breakfast in bed; I devoured a two egg omelette with onion, cheese and spices along with an apple and orange juice.  He and I played with Quinn and got ready for the day.


Dad had to leave to watch Cameron’s last two games (his team ended up winning the championship 2-1!) and did my first T25 workout (recap soon!) while napping sessions happened.  I ended up having another delish vanilla shake with banana and OJ for lunch.

nap time sweaty

Later, Rob and I took Quinn to the Polish Festival to meet up with her Grandma and Grandpa Tyburski.  She got the cutest onesie from them.

polish onesie

Rob and I split a funnel cake then went out to dinner with his parents.  I ordered a hummus platter.  SO GOOD!  It was just what I needed after sweating so much at the festival.

funnel cake

When we got home I enjoyed a glass of wine and watched a little bit of Big Brother.  It was such a great weekend to see family and spend time with my lover boy!

I am looking forward to week 2 of the Beach Bum Battle Challenge and seeing my body transform along with the other participants.  Everyone is so positive and focused!  I posted this collage for the group; I try to remind them that being healthy is about balance.  It’s great to eat clean but you shouldn’t beat yourself up about eating some treats either!

it's about balance

I will be back this week with some eats and recipes along with an update on my challenge group results thus far!

Thanks for reading!


How do you balance fun and fitness?

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Who is your favorite player on Big Brother?

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