Date Night

As I mentioned yesterday, Rob and I went out on our first date since having Quinn.

We were trying to decide where to go that was

  1. Close in case we needed to come home quickly
  2. Known for great food
  3. Known for having good drinks
  4. Close in case we needed to walk home 😉

We decided on Ciao since we had never been there before and heard amazing things about it.  So glad we picked it!  Right when we pulled up I was in love with the fresh herb garden.  I even saw a waiter picking fresh tomatoes and handing them to a dining couple.

We started by using our fancy devices to look at the menu.  I was so impressed with the technology.  It was fun to flip through the menu and see a picture of every dish.

electronic menu

ordering from an ipad

I started with The Sylvania martini which had some pomegranate vodka and peach schnapps I believe.  I can’t remember what all was in it, but it was good!

The Sylvania martini

drinking a martini

After snacking on some bread my salad arrived.  This was so light yet just the right amount of flavor.  It had a bed of greens, crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, grape tomatoes, and a white balsamic.  (Notice the tomatoes were already gone!)

gorgonzola salad

I don’t normally eat meat, but all bets were off.  I ordered the special of the week which was Pollo al Senape di Digione: Sautéed chicken breasts finished with a Dijon mustard and sage pan sauce, served with pesto roasted potatoes and sautéed broccoli  It melted in my mouth.  I practically didn’t have to chew the chicken.

lemon pesto chicken

Next up was a glass of moscato!


While we were finishing our second drink, we shared the Tiramisu.  I have never had Tiramisu before and I sure missed out my whole life.  We savored every bite and it took us over 30 minutes to finish it.


I washed all that down with a glass of sangria.  We took our first sip and realized we should have bought a pitcher!


Selfie in the bathroom!

girl with wavy hair

Last but not least, I enjoyed an espresso martini.  This is hands down the best martini I have ever had.  You can tell that it is strong, but it is so smooth and doesn’t burn when you sip it!

Espresso martini

After all of those festivities, we called it an early night (10:30) and walked home since we only live about a mile away.  We laughed and talked about our first dates and life before our baby girl.  I love Rob so much and we really know how to enjoy each other.  We are so blessed and I remind myself of that every single day.

Of course, on Sunday, our little girl had our undivided attention again as she turned 7 weeks old!

photo (13) 7 week old girl

Somehow we always end up matching, I swear!  I guess maybe because I pick out her outfit based on my mood.  Some days it’s a color I’m feeling or a certain look; would I rather be casual cute or preppy or mom-ish?

I hope you get a chance to try Ciao… we already said we will be going there monthly!


Do you pick out clothes based on your mood?

What is your favorite date-night spot?

How long did you wait until going out without your baby?

What is your favorite martini?

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