Post Partum Weightloss – My Secret

People keep asking me what I am doing to lose baby weight so quickly after having Quinn.  I always say the same thing, “I ate healthy and managed to do some sort of workout most days while I was pregnant.”  Now that my goal is to get my pre-baby body back, here is how I am doing it!

1) Do NOT skip breakfast.

quinoa yogurt bowl

If  you are anything like me, you put everyone else first.  By the time you get up, feed your kid/kids/dog/husband, take a shower, get ready, start laundry, vacuum, clean the toilet, etc. you realize you haven’t even grabbed something to eat.   By then, you are starving and likely to over consume.  It is crucial that you eat something and take care of yourself so you don’t eat extra calories or have a sugar high and crash.

2) Stop eating crap and start eating FOOD- Make healthy snacks readily available.

morning snack


Diet is sooo sooooo soooooooooo important here!  (If you are breastfeeding it is even more crucial!)  You can exercise all you want, but if you are constantly grabbing a handful of junk  (goldfish) here and a pinch of garbage (candy bar) there it adds up!  To ensure that I eat healthy when I am constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off:

  • I keep fresh fruit on the counter
  • I keep a stash of Larabar/Clif bars in a drawer and diaper bag
  • I put mixed nuts in ziplock baggies to grab on the go
  • I keep hummus in small containers and veggies cut up in baggies
  • I keep my blender and shakeology on the counter

3) Get yo’ ass off the couch!

no excuses tank

Or the rocker.  Or your bed.

I know you are tired as hell.  I am too!  I still get up 2-3 times a night with Q, but guess what?  I am MORE tired when I don’t workout!  Getting some sort of physical activity in for the day will help you sleep better when you do finally get more than 5 minutes to sleep.  Just push play even if you have to do your workout with your eyes closed.

4) Buy yourself something sexy and a little tight.


Okay so you don’t have to go shopping and spend money but you do need to dig through your closet and pull out something that is either A) too tight, or B) you used to feel sexy in.  Put this somewhere that you can look at it to remind yourself what you are working toward.  It’s hard to feel sexy right away, but you can start working toward it by keeping your eye on the prize!

5) Join my next challenge group!

Beachbody Challenge Group

I love helping other moms get back on track and feel confident again.  I am there every day to push you, help you troubleshoot, guide you with nutrition and so much more.  There is no way you can fail with me as your one on one coach.

It’s really less about a secret and more about a little effort.  Planning ahead and having a partner to help guide you is all it takes!

It’s time for me to get my sweat on!


What helped you lose the baby weight? -or- Where are you struggling the most?

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