Sweatember HIIT Workout

Good morning!

Yesterday, I woke up today with a fire inside and it has continued through today!  I had so much energy and felt ambitious enough to make pumpkin cupcakes!  They are super freaking fantastic (see…I warned you about the energy level…) and I will share the recipe soon in my PUMPKIN ROUNDUP!  Yes…all things pumpkin coming your way!

baking with baby pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes

So this is how I felt while baking these bad boys.

Then I started my quinoa chili so that it would be ready for us after the gym.  I LOVE chili and since it is getting cooler every day, I thought it would hit the spot. I headed over to a cute little boy’s house to get him off the bus and take him to speech therapy then met my swole mate at the gym!

On my LIKE page you voted for which workout you would want most and ABS won!  You’re welcome!  (Comment below if you want me to help you make it a little easier or more deathly.)

I also did my own HIIT today.  Normally, the gym is hoppin’ but today I had room.  Here was the lineup:  (I repeated three times.)

lower body HIIT

I felt like a beast.  I also felt like my stomach was going to start eating my spleen!  HUNGRY!  Thank God I made that chili ahead of time.  Once we were home, we waited for Rob’s brother and mom to come visit.  The boys topped their chili with Cheez-Its which I had never seen before.  I added cilantro, green onion, shredded cheese (I could have done without) and some plain Greek yogurt.  It was so filling!

quinoa chili

After dinner, I finally indulged in my splurge.  I ate an entire pumpkin cheesecake cupcake and should have stopped at only half.  It was too much!  They are very good, but no where near healthy.

pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes

I wonder if I can tweak them and come up with a healthier version.  Either way, I tried not to feel guilty because the rest of my eats for the day were flawless!

In other news…

My Sweatember challenge group starts on Monday so I will be back to posting a full day’s worth of eats again once we kick off!  It gets old for me to do it all the time; I have too many other things I want to share with you!

Well I am off to take a quick nap (fall isn’t fall without a snoozer) then start my fall decorating!  Too soon?!

Have a great chilly weekend!


Who will you be watching tomorrow for college football?

Are you looking forward to fall?

What is your favorite fall food?

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