My Weekly Menu

Geeze Louise!

I am so far behind and I apologize.  I have been so in love with Quinn lately and starting some fall projects that blogging has been on the back burner.  So sad.

On a happy note, I have a BIG list of things I plan on sharing in the upcoming posts!  Today, let me just post my menu since I failed to do that yesterday for you.




  • Shakeology


  • Quinoa Fried Rice (recipe later) + ranch kale chips
  • Chicken apple salad + potato
  • Tempeh with almond sauce + broccoli
  • Pesto chicken + edamame
  • Pizza


Keeping it short and sweet!  I will recap recipes with pretty pics as the week progresses.  I need to get to bed since tomorrow is my first day back to work.  I am working a few mornings a week to fill in for someone through November.  WISH ME LUCK!





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    I totally failed in the meal planning department this week. I think I’m only eating like one dinner in and I volunteered the BOY to grill us some chicken. That’s easy meal planning : )

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      Oh duh! Silly me! Yes, they were so good minus the caramel alllllways getting stuck in my braces. PISAHW to those people who told me never to eat sticky foods while in braces.

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