Almond Milk {How to DIY}

Well Monday has come and it’s almost over already.

It flew by for me since I went to support a student in his classroom this morning.  I am only filling in through November for a few mornings a week.  I figure it will be extra money for Christmas and give Daddy a chance to spend quality time with Quinn.

I was not feeling well at all last week and partly through the weekend due to sinuses.  I didn’t want to do anything outside of the house.  Finally on Saturday, I was feeling better and took Quinn to her cousin Riley’s birthday party and football games.  This week was Buckeye clothes since I put her in U of M gear last weekend.  Of course I made her a hair clip that morning to match!

16 week old girl Buckeye baby hand made Buckeye head band for baby

While visiting, I made her a tutu to go with a Halloween shirt and started her costume! Look for those DIY projects soon.  Since I basically was on lock down, I picked a few food stashing projects; I decided to make almond milk!

almond milk homemade

1. Start by soaking almonds in water overnight.

2. Drain almonds in a strainer.

1/2 cup almonds

3. Add to blender: 1.5 cups almonds, 4 cups water, .5 t vanilla extract.  You can also add a sweetener (liquid stevia) but I prefer mine unsweetened.

making almond milk

4. Liquefy in blender.

almond milk in blender

5. Pour through mesh, cheesecloth or be CHEAP like me and use a grease spatter screen!  (I have two and only use one for grease so I didn’t want to make the other one feel left out.)

pour almond milk through strainer

6. Use your clean hands to push the rest of the liquid through the screen.

making almond milk

7.  Discard leftover almond pulp, let it dry for baked goods, or put it in a container for body scrubs.

almond pulp

8. Keep milk refrigerated and use within 7-10 days.  Give it a stir before using since it will separate.

country jar with almond milk

This took me about 10 minutes to make and I had about 3L of it when finished.  (I used my entire 1 pound bag of almonds.)  I am going to start paying attention to sales so I can stock up and make more.

As far as flavor goes, I don’t want to sweeten mine so currently it tastes a little funny.  Not funny bad, but funny because it doesn’t have fillers like a normal store bought one would have.  However, I couldn’t tell a difference when using it to make my oatmeal this morning.

If you make this, let me know how it goes!  Also share your ideas for using the pulp.  It pains my heart to think of wasting that stuff!

See you tomorrow!


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