Standing Obliques + New Challenge

I am still so sore today!

Thursdays are my toughest day of the week and here is why:

  • Wake up 6:30
  • Work 8-12
  • Tutor 3-5
  • Fit Club 6-7:15

That might not seem like much but when you have a baby, boyfriend, dog and house to take care of, the day runs your life!

I have been trying to get my workout in between work and tutoring so that if Quinn decides to be difficult at Fit Club, I don’t feel bad skipping the workout.  So I ended up having three workouts!

I followed a ChaLEAN lifting circuit at the gym plus added in my own moves.  I posted two of them for my challenge group, ROCKtober.

  • Left: Keep arms straight and at shoulder height.  Rotate across body to 10:00 clock position but try to keep hips straight and core tight!  Try doing this for 1 minute.
  • Right: Step back into a reverse lunge but keep your chest up and front knee behind your toes.  Push through your front heel to come up.  With a strong core, balance while bringing your knee up and across to touch opposite elbow.  You MUST keep your chest high; if you lean forward, you aren’t getting the full effect!

At Fit Club we did Focus T25-Lower Focus and Brazil Butt Lift-High and Tight.  Needless to say, my legs and butt were on fire and still so sore today!  If you are in the Toledo area, come join us!  It’s FREE!

Toledo Fit Club group fitness T25 Brazil Butt Lift

Even Quinn got a workout in- baby situps!

baby doing situps

Now it’s time to catch up on posts in ROCKtober!  Here are a few that caught my eye; these are great tips and motivators!

ROCKtober Challenge ROCKtober Challenge ROCKtober Challenge ROCKtober challenge

As you can see, we are off to a great start!

Who wants sexier legs and a tighter tush?  Make sure you check out Lauren’s stability ball workout!  GO PIN IT!  It’s a great recap and reminded me of a video I meant to post a while ago for you which I will post this week!

Have a great weekend!


Are you celebrating Sweetest Day?

Do you enjoy group workouts?

What day of the week is your most dreaded day?

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