Teething Scarves & Applesauce

Happy humpday!

I am taking a minute to relax while Quinn naps.  I just packed up my workout gear for TRX later; my reason to love Wednesdays!  What’s yours?

TRX clothes

I am tired today since I worked yesterday and had a Tastefully Simple party to go to with my dearest coworkers.  I have missed them so much!  I was good and spent less than $60.  I stocked up on their beer bread! I know, I know…not healthy, but pretty tasty!

So today, I was getting Quinn dressed and I had this stack of clothes I was going to just trash.  They really weren’t worth donating.  I decided to take one of the tank tops and cut it to make a scarf for her.  Doesn’t she look just like me with her boots and scarf?!  Little diva!

teething scarf

I think I am going to add this to my Etsy shop once I get more made.  I am constantly redirecting her from trying to chew on my shirt/necklace/hair/glasses/everything on me, and now she can just wear this and chew on it.  I’m in love with mustard yellow if you don’t already know that about me.

I am also in love with making applesauce currently!  So easy and free of preservatives, chemicals, etc.  You can make a big batch with your fresh picked apples from the orchard.   It’s a way better option for your kiddo’s lunch/breakfast.

I’ve been dumping it into my oats in the morning along with almond milk, extra cinnamon and pecans.  Perfect fall breakfast!

peel apples core apples spice apples mash apples

I just threw in a mix of tart and sweet apples, cooked on low until soft and mashed them up.  Yes.  It’s that easy!  (I like mine a little chunky!)

Short and sweet today!  I am heading to snuggle for a few minutes. . . How could you resist?!

baby sleeping

P.S. I am so excited for some giveaways I have coming your way!  Keep checking back for an update!


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