Dealing With Critics & Finding Best Friends

Last night was my GNO and we decided to make some Mexican food, margaronas, and paint pumpkins.




We had to get some cute ideas so we resorted to google and Pinterest!

girls on phones

Meanwhile, Cruel Intentions was on and the girls thought I was wacky for not seeing this movie!  Am I?  Have you seen it?

Cruel Intentions

My chevron (duh!) pumpkin.

teal chevron pumpkin teal chevron painted pumpkin

I can’t tell you how important these girls are in my life.

They keep me sane.

They are one of the only groups of people who don’t judge me for being the crazy kook that I am, but more importantly, they get my love for fitness and health.

If I had a penny for every time I was dished a negative comment about fitness or eating, I could afford to buy all my workout clothes at Lulumon.  Here are just a few gems:

“Why do you even workout?  It’s not like you need to lose weight!”

“You are only eating a black bean burger?  Why don’t you get a regular burger?  You need to eat!”

“You are thin, you can eat whatever you want.”

My ex-MIL loved to tear me down at just about every meal that we ate as a family. It amazes me that people have the audacity to comment on what I am eating.  I guess the equivalent of their comments would be for me to say, “Are you seriously going to have fries with that burger?”  Or, “Do you really think you should be having ice cream?”  That would be just. plain. rude.

For me, working out and eating healthy is about more than trying to lose weight.  My goal is to be stronger, feel confident in a swimsuit, relieve stress, etc.  People who don’t workout regularly don’t understand that fitness is more than just weight loss; likewise, nutritious food actually does taste good.

I was so tired of being put down in front of other people that I finally started to get better at knowing how to divert attention or stand up for myself.  Here are some tips for you:

  • Kindly say, “I am not dieting, but I am trying to focus on getting more nutrients.”
  • Say, “I have been trying to eat differently because it makes me feel better.”
  • Say, “I have been working out because I want to feel better and get stronger.”
  • Say, “I’m loving my new workout because of the fun music!  You should come with me!”
  • Find some new people (real friends) who respect you and share your interests.  Surround yourself with them.
  • Keep your chin up and don’t worry about being judged.

If someone actually does say something offensive, it is not rude to just ignore them.  Sometimes you just have to smile, nod, and shrug it off.

Elenor Roosevelt



critic quote


Off to bed I go!  My muscles need some MAJOR recovery!  Tomorrow morning brings a costume contest for Quinn and DIY projects.  YAY!

What tips do you have for dealing with criticism?

What was the worst thing someone said to you?

Do you have a regular GNO?



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