How to Save on Christmas Gifts

I’m so happy sitting here with a brew from the Keurig!

Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone?!  How did you do with your eats over the Holiday?

I was pretty on track.  My family decided to be strange and make enchiladas this year.  I’m actually glad because for some reason, Thanksgiving food didn’t even taste good.  I had a few bites of Rob’s leftovers from his family party and it didn’t hit the spot.  I guess it helped me to not over eat and get a decent balance of nutrition.


My dad and I even did T25 together in the living room!  I didn’t snap a pic because I figured he would get embarassed.  Let’s just say for being 53 years old he is fit like a brick!

I did have a few beers and pudding shots for the UofM vs OSU party.  Oops!

michigan fan

Now it’s December (where the hell did time go?) and I have to do some MAJOR Christmas shopping!  I have a strict budget and love to find deals so I want to share how I find such great gifts and save myself some moola.

christmas savings

You ready?

Let’s get back to the grind!

back to the grind

Have a baby?

1)  Shop at a second hand store–  I am not too good for used baby stuff.  Considering Quinn will wear an outfit maybe three times, I can’t see spending name brand prices.  All the toys can be disinfected and wiped down.  You wouldn’t believe how many things I can load up in my cart for Quinn and walk out with a total of under $20.  We have Once Upon A Child here and a bunch of other smaller owned stores.  Sometimes you can even find coupons.

2)  Rewrap–  Quinn is not going to remember this Christmas and already has so many toys.  I know other people will be spoiling her so Rob and I are picking out one toy and wrapping a few she already owns.  Besides, like every other child, she will probably want red solo cups or pots and pans more anyway!

Shopping for anyone:

3)  There’s and app for that– Take advantage of the coupons on your phone!  My favorite is Coupon Sherpa because the stores listed match the stores available in the Toledo area.  Check out some others here, here and here.

4)  Buy gift cards– This is my best trick!  I go to Giant Eagle or Kroger and buy enough gift cards to cover my purchase at the stores I plan to shop at.  By the time I am done I normally have over $1.00 off every gallon of gas!

Giant Eagle- Save 20 cents on gas for every $50 you spend on gift cards

Kroger- save 10 cents on gas for every $100 you spend on gift cards

If you are anything like me, you need coffee to venture out and brave the madness.  Here is a Biggby coupon for you to print!  Drink up.

Biggby coffee coupon

Get shopping!  There are only 23 days left until Christmas!

Did you snag up any Black Friday deals?

Do you shop early or wait until the last minute?

How do you save money on your gifts?


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