DIY Gift Wrapping

Are we seriously only 13 days away from Christmas?!


I mean shoot.

I have almost no holiday shopping done and still need to finish my DIY gifts.  I’m way behind.  It’s typical for me to have all my shopping done before Black Friday…welcome to motherhood.

Quinn isn’t getting very much and I am trying to save since. Christmas really shouldn’t be about gifts, but I have to get something small for everyone of course!  That’s why I love homemade gifts.  I will have to post pictures of the DIY Infinity Scarves I am making!

So, I guess I need to do some online shopping tonight.  I LOVE shopping online for a few reasons:

1) I don’t have to deal with crazy women who shout at the top of their lungs in JoAnn’s Fabrics.  No really.  This just happened two days ago.

2) I don’t have to deal with traffic.

3) I can compare deals without savings ads or driving to different stores.

4) My gifts will come in a box….hello free wrapping.

5) I can do it in my pajamas with a good cup of coffee, Christmas music playing, and a blanket wrapped around me  Quinn squirming all over my lap and trying to pull my glasses off my face.

I think the worst part of all is wrapping.  I would love to be Martha-Stewart-esque and have beautiful little packages just waiting under our tree…


but let’s be real.  Kids want to peek, dogs want to chew, and ain’t no momma got time fo’ that.  I think these wrapping ideas are fun, festive and not too ambitious.


What do you think?

Well I have to run to Mettler Studios and see the lovely Nicole!  Our Christmas cards are done and I have been dying to see them!  I will post a picture for you tomorrow.  I’m sure you have noticed that she sponsors my blog now.  We have had Nicole take so many pictures for us beginning with the birth of Quinn.  Make sure you check out her deal on giftcards!

Have a terrific Thursday!

Are you in the Christmas spirit?

Do you shop online or brave the crowds?

Are you behind on shopping or done and stress free?

Do you use an coupon code website?

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