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I had a very uneventful night and it was just what I needed.  I took Quinn to visit her grandparent’s and had dinner with them.  After, we drove home through the glittery snow (seriously, I have never seen such sparkly snow in my life!) and climbed in bed.  I was asleep before 11.  Fab!

I love the New Year and all that it symbolizes.  It’s a new beginning and I think everyone deserves a fresh start.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a clean slate?

Something I like to do is scribble my thoughts on a two column sheet.  One side is for the year past and the other side is for the new year.   It feels so good to think about the past year and reflect.

goal review

Was it tough and you are ready to move on?  Was it great and you are excited to tackle new goals?  I highly suggest you do this with your spouse!  It is a fantastic NYE date night instead of going out.  Write down thoughts about your relationship, family, finances, etc.  What will the next year be like for you?

Try it for yourself!

reflection and new goals

While I was getting my tire fixed the other day, I started scribbling some new goals for myself and my family that Rob and I had previously talked about.  I broke it down into 5 sections:  Family, Finance, Fitness, Blog, and Business.

finance goals

Sell our property lot for $10,000+

Sell our home for $95,000+

Buy a new home $150,000 max with $120,000 down.

Pay off Rob’s JEEP

Family goals

2nd baby in the fall?

Get married

Make a Will

Go on vacation

fitness goals

Correct and improve shoulder mobility

15 pullups in a row

Pre-baby abs back

Build a booty

Complete P90X3

TRX/PiYo certification

blog goals

10 paid sponsors

Write 7 sponsored posts

300 email subscribers

Attend a blog conference

business goals

Create an accountability calendar and sell it

One Star Diamond Coach rank


Of course some of these goals are scary HUGE, but I do this for a reason!  Chalene Johnson’s book PUSH is great for goal setting.  She teaches you to ask yourself, “Wouldn’t it be crazy cool if…” when you write your goals.  She claims, if you don’t flinch a little when you write them, then you aren’t thinking big enough.  Goals can be HUGE and SMART.

Big goals seem too BIG?

I know the feeling.  I hesitate to even dream that big because I already fear the failure.  The act of writing my goal down just about makes me panic.  Putting in in writing means I HAVE TO DO IT!!!!

{Cue screams and frantic breathing.}

There is a way to prevent it though and Chalene teaches you how in her book.  I will be following her lead; each goal will be broken down into a ton of mini to-do lists.  Here is an example:

Fitness goal: fix shoulder mobility-

  • research shoulder mobility exercise
  • add 2-3 exercises into daily routine
  • get a massage once per month
  • do yoga once per week 

I highly suggest you get a game plan together for this year.  You don’t have to create a giant list of goals, but set your sights on SOMETHING!  If not now, when?

What goals do you have?

Do you get scared to write them down?

What was your favorite memory of 2013?

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