Currently Coveting {B2TG}


I am completely snowed in here in Northern Ohio.  We had a Level 3 snow day and it’s not getting any better as you can see:
snow mess

So this morning, I chugged my coffee so Quinn could play with my cup. She is entirely fascinated by my coffee every morning and will request it verbally.

baby loves coffee
And we got a glorious morning snuggle session in.

sleeping baby girl

Beyond that, I just have some sewing and fitness coaching stuff to work on.  It will be a pajama productive day!

Maybe you are at work, maybe you are home shoveling.  Either way, it’s still Monday which means…

 back to the grind

Today I will share some things I am currently coveting.

Conscious Box is similar to the Birch Box, but it is filled with 10-15 awesome natural and good-for-you products.  They also offer vegan and gluten free boxes!  I REALLY want a yearly membership to test products and do blog reviews.  Monthly it is about $20 and yearly is about $200.

Seventh Generation Dishsoap because it smells great and the ingredients are even greater; it is plant derived, non-toxic, and free of dyes and chemicals.  My hands aren’t nearly as chapped which is a big deal considering I have been in the kitchen making baby food and my hands have been taking a beating!  I love that it actually lathers up like a cheap soap does and my favorite scent is the clementine.

Aidells sausage is serious deliciousness.  I cooked up the chicken apple sausage and added it to a stir fry.  The Sundried Tomato with Mozzarella or Italian Style is also great in spaghetti.  This meat is so much safer to be ingesting!  I challenge you to check out the ingredients the next time you are browsing in the lunchmeat department or on their site.  Can’t find it in your store?  No problem.

Barry Bagels Wrap
Barry Bagels has a veggie hummus wrap that is giving me heart palpitations.  There isn’t a secret ingredient, but it’s better than other wraps I have tried.  Of course, everything tastes better when you don’t have to make it!

teriyaki brussel sprouts
Roasted brussel sprouts with teriyaki glaze.  Ummm… clearly.  I roast them with olive oil and when finished, I drizzle just a bit of glaze on top and stir.

Quinn clapping
This doesn’t even need words.

Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste because if I am accidentally going to swallow it like an idiot, it better be healthy for me.  It’s also a clean natural tasting mint rather than a lab formula.  The full list of ingredients is amazing.

Kahlua mixed with unsweetened almond milk.  Why have I not thought of this until now?!  It tastes like a vanilla iced coffee.  I’m so glad I am a stay at home mom so I don’t have to convince myself why it would be a bad idea to arrive at work with this daily.

Highlights Books for babies and toddlers 0-2 because I want Quinn to learn to love books as much as I do.  Her grandma ordered this subscription for her and Quinn loves to chew all over it.  
highlights book

baby chewing on book
I really can’t read more than a sentence at a time and trying to point to pictures just isn’t happenin’.  

I also love the Indestructibles for this reason.  I can lay her in bed at night with a book to look at and not worry that she will be pooping paper the next day.

 There you have it!
Have you tried any of these things?
What is one thing that you are curious about now?
Have a fantastic Monday!

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