Count Nutrients, Not Calories

I’m back like the frigid subzero temps!

It’s STILL freezing so instead of being sad about it and pouting all day, Rob and I geared up for day 2 of P90X2. It’s the first time ever I have “beat” him at something. He needs to get used to targeting multiple muscle groups and balance. I loved Plyocide today!

Rob? Not so much.

Here are a few of the moves:

While doing such an intense workout program and continuing to breast feed, I have to make sure I am eating enough nutritious food. With all of the New Year’s Resolution wightloss posts about dieting, I thought talking about nutrients vs calories is very important!
count nutrients
I’m sure you have all read or at least seen the “Eat This, Not That” books available for purchase.  The concept is good; substituting healthier food options is always a good idea!  This could be especially helpful to someone who is just starting to eat healthy and isn’t sure where to start. The problem is that most “diet” books and resources focus entirely on calories rather on nutrients.

Would you agree that a zero calorie pop is better than a banana? No? {But the zero calorie pop keeps you in your calorie goal range for the day…}

Should you have a small bowl of “healthy cereal” versus a big omelette with vegetables? {But the omelette is way more calories and a large portion…}

Doesn’t this sound funny now that you think about it?

Commercials like this are going to be popping up everywhere and I want you stop and think before they trick you! Look at how tiny his sandwich is! Also, do you realize how much MORE food you could eat for 400 calories if you picked healthier options?

The fact is that counting calories encourages you to eat packaged and processed food. 100 calorie snack packs, diet pop, reduced fat cheeze-its, fat free dressing, frozen lean meals, the list goes on and on… The quantity of these foods is based on a number rather than you getting enough nutrition. (Not to mention, they are practically void of nutrition in the first place.)

Yes, it is easier to look at a packet and see exactly how many calories how many burpees you will need to do to burn it off, but that’s the wrong way of thinking. We need to start thinking about how many MORE nutrients we need to eat to take care of our skin, mood, energy levels, sleep, etc.

It’s a true statement that your body will go into starvation mode if you aren’t eating enough calories. It’s also a fact that sugar free and fat free substitutes WILL lead to cravings and over eating. So if you think you are doing yourself a favor by having a diet pop, you aren’t.
nutrients in pop

I never sit down to eat dinner and think, “I only have 300 calories left for today.” Instead I say, “I need to make sure I get some extra protein, a healthy fat and a few more veggies because I had fruit and yogurt for breakfast.” My point is that although you may be tempted to use artifiical sweeteners, low fat products, or even have a smaller meal, you need to think about more than just the calories.

Think about the nutrition.

Think about the fuel your body needs.

So now I just rocked your world with a list of foods you already bought due to advertisments yet aren’t supposed to eat. What do you do?

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to start “dieting” or eating healthier, instead of cutting calories and buying packaged foods stamped with a “healthy” or “good for you” label, try this: stop cutting, start swapping.

Take a look at Michi’s ladder which can be found here .  The concept is that you start to substitute foods from a higher level for a food on a lower level.  This happens over a period of time and eventually, you are eating a much more balanced and clean diet. I also love what Nicole Maree has to say!

This is what matters, people! This is what is going to give you a six pack, toned legs, glowing skin, energy, happiness, better sleep, more confidence, and make you feel GOOD!

If you still feel like you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! I’ve created something just for you!

Enter your email on the right side of the screen under my bio and I will be sending out all of these pieces soon! Just because I’m feeling super nice today, here is a peek at one!
HIIT workout

I hope you are staying warm and safe! I will see you on Thursday with some crockpot meals!

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