How To Workout With Your Baby

It has been decided that Rob and I will be going on a cruise this spring. He gets to pick his vacation any day now so although we don’t know the exact dates, we are shooting for March. So we will be setting sail to Mexico, Jamaica and the Bahamas! WEEEEEE! This gal is all about sun and fun. I fully intend to drink a gazillion fruity cocktails, play some beach volleyball, eat my face off, and get bronze-ified.

That means I have about two months to get in tip top shape for the ocean and our “honeymoon.” I say this because we are going to get hitched just the two of us and in a few years do a real wedding with our closest friends and family by our side.

Here are my goals and my inspiration!

We are currently doing P90X2 and noticing HUGE changes in our bodies after just a week and a half. The workouts are about an hour long, but I know that it can be hard to fit in a workout with a newborn or baby, so guess what?…

I came up with some moves you can do with your wee one! So throw some dinner in the oven or crock pot and have some sweaty fun while it cooks to save yourself some time.
How to workout with your baby

Glute Bridge


Reverse Lunge

Hamstring Bend

Chest Press


Make sure you pin it so you have it for future reference.
How to workout with your baby

Have a great humpday and let me know how this works for you!

Is it best for you to workout during naptime or while your baby is awake?
How many nights a week do you use your crock pot?

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