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Happy Monday!

I feel like it’s Sunday because my weekend was such a whirlwind! I have to brag, I’ve been killing my grain free week and feel so good. I was almost positive that at some point I would be off track over the weekend, but I couldn’t be more proud of myself. (Grain free ::week 1:: recap coming soon!)

I did have one small piece of bread on Saturday and one pancake on Sunday. I paid for both! The itching from pregnancy is back which leads me to believe what I’ve read; it is caused by grains. Needless to say, I’m realizing I can live without them. It’s just not worth it, especially when they are tasting less delicious the longer I go without them.

So what if I had totally blown my nutrition plan for the weekend?

I can honestly say, I would have been upset with myself and feeling like a sack of shit. I would be telling myself to start over again today and stay on track this next weekend.

Sound familiar?

It’s easy to stay on track during the week. You have a normal schedule, go to bed early, plan workouts, pack your lunch for work, but then the fun weekend comes! Does your weekend match this?

Friday: You plan on going out for cocktails to celebrate making it through yet another painful work week. You also snack on high calorie appetizers.

Saturday: You might grab breakfast, but most of the time it slips your mind. You run errands and graze while you shop; you grab a coffee or pop, some food court snacks, or snack on something you grabbed at the grocery store. Later, you go out to dinner with your spouse.

Sunday: You are feeling tired and guilty about how you ate and the fact that you haven’t worked out at all. You end up relaxing all day and snacking while watching TV.

Your mindless eating makes you feel like you ruined an entire week of success! Guilt sets in and you figure, “I will just start over on Monday.” No. I’m not spying on you! I just know it all to well. Been there, done that!

It’s easy to get off track over the weekend, but it’s also easy to enjoy your time off without completely blowing it! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me help!
tips for healthy weekend eating

Going out for drinks and apps? Look at the menu before you go. Pick a healthier option such as veggies and hummus or clear cocktails to keep your calories within budget. Drink your glass of water before eating and sip on your drink while you snack or after.

Can’t remember what you ate? Keep a food diary. Just jot a note in your phone or write it down. It will help you realize how the little snacks add up. Being more aware will force you to rethink your choice and opt for something slightly better.

Want to reward yourself? Treat yourself a little, but not with food. You can get a manicure or do some retail therapy. There’s no need to go crazy with dessert. If you want some, have a little. Just don’t overdo it because you think you deserve it; there are so many other things to treat yourself with besides food.

Feeling like a couch potato? You might want to catch up on your favorite episodes and stay in sweats all day and that’s fine! Just don’t be sedentary all day. You can get in a quick morning workout or even foam roll/stretch while you indulge in your guilty pleasures.

Feeling extra sluggish and tired? You need to go to bed early. Being sleep deprived from your weekend festivities can lead to an average of 500 extra calories consumed per day. I’m sure you don’t want to head into Monday feeling worn down. Skip a late snack and crawl into bed to wind down early.

Still upset with yourself? Fuhgetaboutitttttt. It’s perfectly okay to have a crazy fun weekend and go balls to the walls. Being healthy is about finding a balance. Get back on track as soon as you can and know that one weekend of fun isn’t going to RUIN everything you work so hard for week after week.

So let’s have a great Monday!

Brag & Bitch: How did you do this weekend?
What day of the weekend is your hardest to stay on track?
How do you reward yourself for a week of hard work?

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