How to DIY Your Media Kit with Microsoft Word

Are you new? You are probably stopping by because you saw my guest post on Katy’s blog about creating a media kit for free using Microsoft word.

UPDATE:  I no longer use Microsoft Word!  Here is my most recent media kit and a post about what I’ve learned since I DIY’d my first Media Kit seen in this post.  I also have a FREE printable for you to keep track of promotion opportunities when sending out your sparkling media kit!

Tutorial: How to make a media kit for FREE with Microsoft Word
I don’t typically post about the blogging world, but after working with Katy, I realize that there are so many ways that I can share what I’ve learned with you!

I can honestly say that I feel like I am dating my media kit. I have spent so much time on it, and I love it so much. Here is a peek:
Tutorial: How to DIY a media kit in Microsoft Word

I’m so happy with how it turned out and now that it is finished, I will just need to tweak things each month. I love it because it’s purdy and I created it. For FREE. Without any fancy skills. BOOYAH!

Here is a tutorial on how I did it! (For each step, pay more attention to the areas I am telling you to click than what is on my media kit.)

I started by opening my web browser to my blog site as well as Paint and Microsoft Word.

While on my blog site, I took a screen shot. I used the key at the top of my keyboard called “print screen.” Then switched over to Paint and clicked “paste.” From here I used the crop tool and selected a rectangular form around my header. I clicked “cut.”
crop header screen shot in paint
I switched over to Word and pasted the image onto the page.
insert screen shot header
I followed the same procedure to get my social media thumbnails onto Word. I evenly spaced them out (and all other images I inserted) by setting the alignment to “tight.”
align tight
Next, I inserted a picture of myself using the “insert” tab.
insert picture
I added shadow with the formatting tools.
add shadow
I also added text using a text box in multiple areas. The text box can overlay images and shapes.
insert text box
I wanted something a little eye catchy, so I opened up Picmonkey in my browser and uploaded a picture of Quinn and I. I decided to add a shape overlay and text on top of that.

First, I added a circle, then changed the color and size. I also used the fade slider to change the opacity.
overlay picmonkey

I decided that I wanted to incorporate some of my blog font which is Lobster Two, but Microsoft Word didn’t have it. I ended up using a blank canvas in Picmonkey and adding text. I used the same print screen/cut/paste procedure as above to insert the text into my media kit.
font in picmonkey
To match my blog design with polka dots and draw some attention to my stats, I inserted circles using the “insert” tab and “shapes.”
insert circle
After selecting the circle, I added an outline and filled it with a light gray.
circle fill and outline
I copied the circle and pasted more to make them exact. Later, when I figured out my spacing, I used the sizing tool to make them exactly the same.
size of circles
I also decided to use a photo rather than text only for my “Most Popular Posts” section. I repeated the procedure for inserting a photo but after adding the photo and aligning “tight,” I cropped it using the “crop to shape” tool.
crop image circle
I followed the steps mentioned above to add an outline to the circle.
Finally, once I had everything spaced exactly how I wanted, I grouped items to keep them glued in place. You can also do this as you go. I ended up grouping my sets of circles to keep them spaced out evenly as I arranged other images and text. Also, to keep the overlay text centered in the circle.
grouping items
And after hours of doing and redoing, I had my finished media kit! What a relief!
Tutorial: How to make your media kit for FREE using Microsoft Word

Of course you can get super fancy with details on your media kit, but I wanted a clean and simple look.  I didn’t want designs to distract the viewer from all of my important information.  Check out these design tips for keeping your media clean and flowing as well as a list of what you need to include.

Don’t forget to save it as PDF!!!! Do not send it out to sponsors as a Word Doc!

Is there something I forgot to explain or did I leave you confused? I won’t be offended if you leave me a note below. I would rather tweak this post so you can understand how to do this! Trust me. It’s not pretty to see how this brain works and it doesn’t always come out how it’s being thought inside!

If you have created your media kit with Microsoft word, please email me so I can feature your work!  I would love to have a collection of images or tutorials to share.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again, soon!

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