Fitzone by Erika {Review}

I am so honored to have the opportunity to share my thoughts about Fitzone by Erika!
Fitzone by Erika

I met Erika very briefly back in 2012 at a TurboKick class.

Erika was lively.
She wasn’t afraid to be in the front row.
She stood out from the crowd.
Everyone knew her.

This girl was MEANT to lead a class.

Erika started Fitzone in hopes of leading other people down a path of health but in a fun way so that they feel welcomed, encouraged, and excited. She loves to share her story about how she went from being “fluffy” to fit. You can see her full story here.


I attended one of her Fitzone classes in 2013 and fell in love. As soon as I walked in, Erika greeted me and asked me who I was. I felt welcomed.

During the class, as sweat poured and my heart pounded, I heard her say, “You go, Kayla! I see you back there!” She remembered my name! There were thirty-some other people in her class and she remembered me?! I felt encouraged.

The music was amazing with a mix of rap, pop and R&B. The moves she incorporated into our cardio and strength routines were fun and dancy. I was having a blast and burning a crap ton of calories. Now when I think about going to my next class, I feel excited.

A fun workout is great because you enjoy doing it, but it’s hard to find a workout you LOVE (and I mean wanna marry love) that is also going to give you kick ass results.

That’s where this class fits in!

Erika White

Erika starts Fitzone with a warmup and then the hustle begins. For the remainder of class, the workout alternates; one song cardio, one song strength. While I was there, everyone got down to “Tambourine” by Eve.  You have to watch the videos to see how obnoxious we are!

Tambourine Eve

cardio Tambourine

Later was more cardio with Pitbull.

Pitbull cardio

cardio cardio

Then J.T. “Suit and Tie” was a mix of shoulders and squats to shape up the tush! Erika even said, “Oh ya’ll excited now, but you ain’t gonna be able to walk to your car after you get done with this one.” Everyone laughed and felt the booty burn!


Worried about the moves?  Don’t be!  One of my favorite things about her class is that the light are dim so you can’t see each other.  There is also a WIDE array of fitness levels so you really feel comfortable in a judge-free zone.

If you can’t already tell, her class is so high energy. When I say high energy, I do mean you will get moving, but also that your spirit starts to float. If you need a pick-me-up, it’s a genuine mood boost!

If you think this is something you want to try, you can check out the Extreme Results website. Class times are Mon-Wed at 6:30 pm. Erika has a limited amount of free guest passes that she is willing to share to the first few people who contact her on Facebook. Just tell her you saw her review on Variety by Vashti!

I will leave you with one of her motivational images and you can find more on her site!

fitzone by Erika

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