Less Dish Washing & Quiet Mealtime {Oogaa Review}

Disclaimer: For this post for Oogaa, I was sent various feeding accessories after I reached out to the company on Instagram. The opinions expressed in this post are MINE and not indicative of the opinions or positions of Oogaa. If you have questions, you can see my entire disclosure policy here. If you are interested in being sponsored, you can do that here.

One night while sleeping spending entirely too much time on Instagram like always, I came across a post about some really badass looking baby feeding accessories. Curiosity made me comment and before I knew it, a representative from Oogaa offered to send me some feeding swag to try with Quinn and write a review.


I anxiously awaited the package and when it arrived, I couldn’t rip it open fast enough. From first sight, I was in love. The packaging was so incredibly fun and cute!

oogaa feedingAs I read the packaging, I couldn’t help but notice that the accessories had so many awesome qualities:

  • BPA free
  • oven safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave safe
  • freezer safe

Even loud noise safe.  Do you realize how funny a baby thinks it is to drop things?!  Everything is made of silicone.  Flexy, bendy, non-breakable goodness!

After washing them, I introduced them to Q.  I immediately wanted to test the oven safe claims.  I baked some sweet potato on her plate, let it cool, smashed  and fed it to her without dirtying any more dishes! As a mom, that is a lifesaver!  Let me just say, not only are these bowls, plates and silverware so cute and functional, but my kid actually likes them.

oogaa spoon

I mean she seems to like them more than her food.

baby oogaa spoon oogaa placemat

(Sidenote:  She has noticed that the characters on the placemat are slightly different.  She will point to the elephant and say “eh.”  Learning while feeding?  Sounds good to me!)

baby blueberries

The utensils wash up so easy and have been fine with multiple rides in the dishwasher and microwave.

I absolutely love these and will be buying them as gifts and more for Quinn.  So now you want it, too?! You can find the products at Babies R Us and Amazon as well as these other retailers.

Feel free to check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

**No babies were harmed in the testing of these fantabulous accessories.**  Or were they?…..cue devilish look.baby oogaa

Does your baby make this much of a mess?

On average, how many times does your baby drop feeding accessories in one feeding?

Does you allow your baby to have toys or stick with feeding utensils that double as learning, too?

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