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Oh you fancy, huh?  Nails done. Hair done. Ehrything big.

If you want to look it, you gotta take care of it.  Let me share my secret for glowing skin, healthy hair and happy family.

Coconut oil!

Coconut miracle oil is amazing and if you aren’t hip to it yet, I am going to slap you.  Everybody is using it and for just about every ailment and preventative under the sun.  Let me show ya!

Prevent staining from Thrush medication
Moisturize, protect, defrizz, and detangle hair. Stimulate scalp when used as massage oil to promote growth.
Make a body scrub

Use as an all over moisturizer
Make your own deodorant

Take off eye makeup
Prevent stretch marks- seriously… I don’t have ONE stretch mark!
Get rid of nasty cradle cap on babies.  Massage onto head, let sit 5 minutes, comb lightly and wash off.
Use as chapstick
Use as shaving cream
Make your own toothpaste

Use as coffee creamer
Use in place of Lanolin cream on nipples when nursing
Treat lice or fungal infections when mixed with apple cider vinegar
Melt into tea to boost immunity when sick
Feed to pets to grow a shiny coat or help with itching
Make your own bug repellent

Make your own baby Vick’s Vapor Rub ( I would skip the beeswax because I am lazy.)
Rub on wounds to promote healing
Use as diaper rash cream
Use as natural sunscreen. SPF 4.
Cook with it.  Duh.  That one is obvious.

I’ve also heard that you can use it to treat yeast infections, candida, allergies and heartburn but have not experienced any of those benefits first hand.

So now do you see why you need to put this on everything?  It’s pretty amazing!

If you haven’t used it yet, why not?

If you have, what is your favorite way to use it?

Which one from the list surprises you the most?

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