Reducing a Baby Fever Naturally

Happy Sunday!

I am snuggling my poor baby girl who was not feeling so well last night.   I need to spend some extra time with her today.

sick Quinn cry

I am glad we haven’t had any sickies until now (she is 8.5 months) but I still kind of felt helpless.  I was worried she caught the flu and I was going to be cleaning up puke.  We took a nap and she just kept wanting to snuggle and rest on me.  NOT normal for her.  She was getting a slight fever and rosy cheeks which could be from teething, but either way, I wanted to fix it.

sick Quinn

I asked friends on Facebook about home remedy ideas and many were saying peppermint oil.  I didn’t have any on hand, but I figured I would try my Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Oil Soap.  I soaked a washcloth in cool water and added some soap to the water.  After sudsing it up, I squeezed out the water and let the washcloth sit on Quinn’s back as she rested on my chest.  I repeated this and rolled the washcloth so it could fit on her neck and also placed it on her head.

sick Quinn

Go check out the dilution cheat sheet so you can see all the ways to use this awesome soap from laundry to vegetable wash, cleaning and shampoo for your pet.   There are products just for babies, too.

I noticed after about a half hour that she was really perking up!

sick Quinn

I was able to get her to eat and she even started laughing hysterically when I pretended to sleep then said “boo!”  Her giggles melt my heart every time!  I love being her mommy in sickness and in health.

Speaking of being a mom…

In case you missed it, check out my guest post from yesterday!  Meredith has an awesome blog so be sure to click around and check out my favorite post by her! She is such a REAL mom and I agree with so many things she has to say about parenting and raising hellions munchkins.

TTFN and enjoy your Sunday!

What do you use to make your kiddo feel better?

If you read my guest post, how has motherhood changed you?


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