Tune Out

I have to be honest.  I rarely watch TV.

(Except for the Oscars last night.  I love Ellen and how awesome was that Wizard of Oz/Judy Garland tribute?!)

It’s safe to say that the only time I really watch is when I am falling asleep.  I’m typically winding down with Friends, King of Queens or Everybody Loves Raymond.  You can’t go wrong with those classics!

I do love Workaholics and The Big Bang Theory, but I tend to just have them on for noise while I blog at night.  I realize there are some awesome shows like Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars, or Parks and Recreation, but when I have time to relax, I would rather be soaking in the tub, reading a book, or doing yoga.  I leave little room for TV.

I often hear people say they don’t have time to workout or eat healthy, yet their Sunday was a “pajama and The Office marathon day.”  This is where I just shake my head.  It’s fine that you want to watch your favorite show, we all have our guilty pleasures, but don’t say you have no time to take care of yourself.

You do have time.  You just struggle with making it a priority.

If your goal is to start working out or meal prepping, or all around just being more focused on your health, then I suggest you first look at your dating status with your TV.

Is there a way you can make your date healthier?  Can you workout during commercials?  Can you watch and meal prep at the same time?  Do you need to break up or set some dating boundaries?  Is your relationship too clingy?

For example, do you watch The Bachelor? Be sure to pop over to Lindsay’s blog where I am guest posting today about hosting a finale party! You can get caught up in the romance and drama, but make some healthy choices while doing so.  Once you read, you will see what I mean!

the bachelor juan workout

Did you see my post about Motherhood on Meredith’s blog?

Lots going on for Variety by Vashti!

Enjoy your Monday and find a way to make at least one healthy choice today!

What is your favorite show?

Which classic is number one: Friends or King of Queens?

Are you Juan obsessed?

Favorite Oscar moment/dress?

Do you love Ellen?

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