Bikini Blast Eats

Update on oil pulling:  Rob is now on the bandwagon!  He was intrigued after he read my blog post.  Yes.  He reads my blog.  That’s real love.  And so is smelling my breath after pulling and not brushing yet.  Rob claimed my breath was neutral and had no odor like morning breath normally would. I also had a stuffy nose when I woke this morning, but after pulling it cleared up.

In other news, you need to pin this recipe from my bikini blast plan this week.  I took Steph’s recipe for stuffed peppers and tweaked it.

stuffed peppers

I added 2 chives, a handful of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella to each pepper.  Yum.  Just yum.  I totally love that you could bake these in the evening and have breakfast ready to go for a few days.  Heck.  Enjoy it for lunch even!  It’s the best way I have ever eaten eggs for breakfast.

stuffed egg peppers

I also paired it with Bombshell Spell which I am loving.

bombshell spell

It’s not a replacement for coffee, but rather a little treat and Apple Cider Vinegar is something I need to be incorporating into my diet more often.

1 cup pineapple juice – 1 T lime juice – 1 T ACV – 1 T honey  *I omit honey because I don’t need the added sugar*

Lastly, Quinn couldn’t get enough of dinner tonight.  She was such a piggy and it’s no wonder why.  I made Aylin’s delicous mexican stuffed sweet potatoes.  Pin it, now.

She also is becoming quite obsessed with her strawberry popsicles.  I just use my juicer to juice the berries then pour in pop molds.  strawberry popsicle

Well I need to scoot and get a bazillion more things done before I leave for vaca in SIX days!  AIIIIEEEEE!

**Don’t forget to check out my post for hosting a Bachelor Finale night, even if it is just you!  I created a workout, DIY facial and healthy snacks that will make your night superb.**

Do you use Apple Cider Vinegar?  

Which recipe is on your “need to make” list?


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