Then and Now {Fitness Progress}

I can’t even believe that it has been nine months since I took these pictures.

2.5 weeks post partum:

2.5 weeks post partum

6 weeks post partum:

 back view-before back view-before back view-before back view-before back view-before

So much has changed for me.  Just look!

front flex compare post partum fitness front compare post partum fitness back flex compare post partum fitness back compare post partum fitness side compare post partum fitness

As soon as I got approval from my doctor, I was right back on the fitness band wagon with a few modifications.  I started with light lifting, then moved on to TRX.

ready for TRX

I also incorporated T25 and a mix of lifting routines I created.

chalean extreme

Then it was time for Rob and I to jump into P90X2.  When I started, I could only do:

1 pull up

NO impossible/possible (both hands and both feet on stability balls for pushups)

NO Plyo pushups (pushups where your entire body lifts off the ground)


Pish posh.  I can do all of it!

I am jump roping for about 4+ minutes at a time and it doesn’t even phase me.  I can do 5 pull ups unassisted, a shit ton of pushups, and some crazy moves you may have never seen before.  This is all entirely worth it, even if my pictures don’t show much.  Let’s peek!  Please ignore any outrageous noise Quinn makes…

wide grip pullup

crunchy pullup

plyo pushup

tricep pushup

stability ball pushup

A huge part of my success has been my nutrition which continues to be a mix of Shakeology and clean eating.  I dabble between clean veggie/fruit/grain meals and some no-grain meals with extra fats.  I think a healthy balance is key and there is no way I will eat plain chicken with raw veggies for dinner EVERY night.

My plan moving forward is to workout while on vaca and continue P90X2 until I start the 21 Day Fix!

What new accomplishments are you most proud of?

How do you keep track of your progress?

Stay tuned tomorrow for my vaca health plan including a recipe and towel workout!

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