Death By Towel

Let me start by saying, I am so appreciative of all the kind words about how my results pictures from yesterday have inspired you.  It takes a lot of guts to post pictures no matter what your fitness level, because there is always someone ready to knock you down and criticize you.  I experienced it first hand last night.  My goal is not to let it get to me.  If I can post something true about the progress I am working so hard for and it gives ONE person some motivation, then my work is done.  I just want to share with people that results will come, no matter how slow.  Keep at it and be proud of EVERY small step!

Inspired by the ever-so-miserable snow we have had in Ohio this year, I created this towel workout.  It’s been a struggle to get to the gym, get motivated or even feel like we will get to wear a swim suit again with this weather.  oof.

death by towel

Here’s a rundown of how each move looks: Click the link or see the image.

V ups– place towels under your feet.  Shoulders in line with hands.  Raise but into the air while maintaining contact with towel on the floor.

Reverse Lunges- Keep your knees over or behind toes.  Go as low as you can with good form.  Keep your chest up.  Push with the heel of the front foot.

reverse lunge

Glute Bridge to Curl- Keep your hips raised high the entire time.  Use heels to slide towel in and out.

glute bridge

Plank Knee Arms under shoulders.  Keep your body in a straight line (no sagging or butt up.)  Bring knee to outside of elbow then back.

mountain climbers– Arms under shoulders.  Keep your back level with the floor.  Alternate bringing knees in and out.

bowler lunge– Always keep knees over or behind toes.  Slide back leg behind and to the side as if you are finishing a bowling move.  THIS ONE IS TRICKY!

towel push– Hands on towels under shoulders.  Keep your back flat and level to the floor.  Push down a long hallway.

Side Lunge- Keep knees over or behind toes.  Slide leg away from body and bring it back in.

lateral lunge

piyo push– Start with leg straight and arms touching the floor.  Bring the back leg into touch the knee to forehead then raise it as high as you can behind you.

hamstring bend– Start with leg straight.  Keep your back flat and slowly lower outstretched arms toward the floor while hinging at the waist to raise opposite leg.  Squeeze your glutes to raise!

The other night, I made a new version of Camille’s Buffalo Chicken Lasagna!  It was to die for since I could literally bathe in buffalo sauce.  Here is how I changed it up:

I added a bunch of spinach

I swapped out noodles and in zucchini

I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta

Bleu Cheese <<yuck

I only used 1/2 c Buffalo Sauce (this was enough)

We will definitely be making it again!  So delicious and loaded with veggies.

buffalo chicken lasagna

I also mentioned yesterday that I would share my fit vaca plan.  Here goes:

I plan to enjoy myself which means I will probably still make some healthy choices, but I am going to make a lot of unhealthy ones, too.  When in Rome Belize!

Workout every morning with a mix of weights, running the track, yoga, etc while the sun rises on the ocean!  Rob and I will probably get in a volleyball match or two or even dodgeball on the ship.

I will have a healthy omelette every morning with fresh fruit.  My dinner will always have vegetables and a healthy meat.  That’s just what I enjoy so I don’t have to worry about it!

The not-so-healthy: Drinks.  And lots of them.  Plus a few splurges like ice cream, every night, on the back of the boat.

(Rob would like me to add that calories will be burned a few other ways as well…rock the boat, don’t rock the boat, baby.)

sigh.  Embarrassing!

I can’t wait to leave; see you soon with lots of awesome pictures.

What is your guilty pleasure on vacation?

Have you ever added buffalo sauce to spaghetti?

Has the snow interrupted your fitness progress?

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