10 Down, 2 To Go!

Yet another month has passed and Quinn now hit the 10 MONTH mark!

quinn 10 months

I am so glad I put up a newborn picture over her changing table; how quickly she has grown.  I miss her newborn squeals and jerky movements.  I miss the way she smelled and how she was able to smell to find me.  I miss feeding her in the silence of the night.

I am also LOVING the new personality she is developing.  We have been seeing so much more of it lately.

She is a mix of me and her Daddy; strong willed, vocal, funny, and feisty at times.  She loves to be social and cling to me yet has a STRONG urge to be independent lately.   I want to encourage the independence, but sometimes she is being down right stubborn!

Her list of words she can say continues to grow:  cat, Tazz, Dada, Mamma, come on (no joke she waved to Rob and waited for him to follow), drink, nana, no, get, done, duck, up, that

She tries to say: fly, stop, tickle, go, pig, fish, book, kiss, glasses, dog, uh oh

Although she only says a few words, her receptive language is growing rapidly.  She demonstrates that she knows what we are saying often.  “Where’s your belly?”

Where’s Your Belly?

Lately, it has been her mission to open or dump anything she can get her hands on.

quinn emptying cabinet 10 months

She is trying to climb on and in things.

quinn climbing fridge 10 months

quinn climbing in suitcase 10 months

She is scared to death of mommy blowing bubbles with her mouth in the bath tub!

crying quinn 10 months

But she loves to watch herself in a mirror or camera.  Who knew a 10 month old could take a selfie!

quinn selfie 10 months

The washing machine is fascinating lately.

Quinn washer 10 months

The sunshine is something she has not seen a whole lot of and she is really enjoying it!

spring quinn 10 months sunglasses quinn 10 months

She wants to eat and drink EVERYTHING someone else has.  Her favorite foods lately off mommy’s plate are: asparagus, tomato, avocado, chicken and beans.  If I tell her no, she throws a complete fit.  We still haven’t found a food she will not eat.

drinking straw quinn 10 months

The joy she finds in crawling around nudey nudey after a bath… precious.

bath quinn 10 months

She is entirely turning into a mini-me.  Beyond her personality, she actually copies everything I do.  If I cough, she coughs.  If I smile, she smiles.  If I start dancing, she dances.  I’m going to try cleaning next…

Imitation Snapping

We have been so entertained by her lately as well as challenged.  It’s hard to discipline such a cute little baby!

What is one of you baby’s favorite things to do?

At what age did you start disciplining your baby for swatting at you?

Do you lock all of your cabinets or let your baby explore and be told, “no?”


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