Rope Is Dope

Hi there!

Another beautiful day is in the forecast for today and after yesterday, I didn’t think it could get much better.  The sun is really perking me up!

Rob, Quinn and I headed to the gym around 11:30 as usual.  After seeing my calories burned, I figured I should put together a jump rope and ab circuit.  I’ve been obsessed with roping lately and everyone wants better abs.

HRM in glasses

That time was 40 minutes including my warm up and cool down so I say it’s pretty decent for just roping and abs for about 25 minutes!

Why am I obsessed?  Easy.

Jump roping is a stellar fast twitch workout which means your body is going to turn into a sprinter’s body.  You know what I mean… you see the sprinters at Olympics and you are envious of their chiseled abs.

source: Fit Momma Chronicles

Yeah.  As if you need more reasons.  Maybe you don’t want to have a six pack, and that’s okay!  But I’m sure you want to see your abs and feel sexy this summer.

So give this a shot!

jump rope circuit

You can find a description of the ab moves here if you are unsure.  If one minute is too hard, just work your way up to it.  Have fun varying your jumps.  Try these options:

  • Single leg alternating
  • Double leg
  • 30 sec to 1 min R or L leg
  • 10 sec fast 10 sec slow
  • R/L then both feet (2, 4, or 8 counts- I say R/L/double double in my head)
  • High knees
  • low jump, high jump alternating

Once you get really good you can dream up some fancy stuff!  I prefer to just rock whatever comes to mind when I get a good beat.  My favorite right now is A Milli by Lil Wayne because it’s quick.

Rob hates taking video for me so if you get lucky, I can beg him yet again and he will finally give in!

Gotta scoot!  We have a house showing so I am off to get groceries for my 21 Day Fix meal plan which you will see a post on soon!

(Don’t forget to pin your circuit!)

What workout song kicks you into gear?

What is the sun doing to your soul?

What type of cardio do you prefer?

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