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This post is inspired by Dollar Shave Club.  I was contacted and asked to bring you a post about spring cleaning for their interactive campaign, “Spring Cleaning for Your Bathroom.”  Whether it be old razors, outdated medicine, or empty band-aid boxes, share your spring cleaning purge on Facebook/Twitter/IG; just use #springcleaning and tag Dollar Shave Club and yours truly!

Hoppy Easter!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family.  Did you partake in any traditions like coloring eggs, searching for eggs and baskets, or having Easter family dinner?

We did!

easter eggs easter basket(You might be a redneck if… you use a shopping cart as a high chair.)

shopping cart high chairSo now I feel like it is officially spring!  The weather and process of moving is forcing me to spring clean.  Not the normal, wash windows, wash walls, clean ceiling fans spring cleaning, but decluttering and tossing junk.

Here are some places you might overlook and I suggest you tackle to help you organize and gain more storage space.


Spice Cabinet– I seriously have a cabinet full of spices.  It can be so annoying when I try to find a certain one and end up searching through 3 containers of cinnamon, 4 vanilla extract bottles and 42 other spices.  I took some time to condense or toss outdated spices.


Medicine Cabinet– I can bet you have expired medicine because the average family does.  Especially in this house!  We rarely turn to medicine so when we end up buying some (deathly ill) it sits there to marinate for years.  I don’t suggest you condense medicine, but definitely check the dates and purge!

Closets- Now is the time to look at your clothes and finally get rid of things you always say you will wear, but never do.  If you haven’t worn it in the past year, donate or sell it.  Trust me, you need room for new cute stuff… that old sweater you keep hanging on to needs to GTFO.  When I have zero time to donate it, and I can’t use it for a project or rag, I just pitch it.  The easiest way to keep from convincing yourself to keep it is to quickly dump food on the clothes.  There’s no turning back!

shirt in garbage

Freezer/Fridge- I am guilty of freezing food and forgetting about it.  Check dates on frozen foods and you can even make a list of foods with dates to keep on the fridge so you know when you use it up.  In the fridge, rummage through all of your condiments and get rid of anything outdated.  Feeling extra ambitious?  Wipe down all the shelves from random spillings.


Makeup- Makeup brushes love to hold on to bacteria and mites.  GROSS!  If you don’t already clean them up on a monthly basis, at least do it now.  It’s also a good time to pitch old makeup.  Smell your mascara and any liquids.  Did you know mascara should be thrown away every month?  I’m sure you have other makeup items that need to be freshened up; out with the old and in with the new.

clean makeup brush


Cleaners-  This was not intended to go in my post, but when I was cleaning out the bathroom cabinet, I realized I had THREE bottles of glass cleaner.  I can’t even call it Windex because I am too cheap to buy the real stuff.  Sigh.  Condense. Condense. Condense.


And JIC you really want to tackle the entire house, here is a check list.  Have at it!

FYI she suggests you don’t flush meds down the toilet and you should print this and add it to a cleaning binder.  Uh…what?!  The day I have a binder for cleaning is the day…. never.

Well, gotta go.  I have a hair appointment so I can feel somewhat pretty again then it’s time to pack.  Don’t forget to enter my birthday giveaway since it ends tomorrow!

What room do you hate cleaning most?

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor spring cleaning more?

What is the most random thing you have found/thrown away while cleaning?

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