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Good morning!

I just want to thank you for making my birthday so special!  I had so many sweet messages and my birthday turned out wonderful.  Rob took Quinn and I to breakfast then busted out a great workout and had some family time.  My mom came to visit me and later we went to dinner with her and Rob’s mom and brother.


I meant to post yesterday, but decided to just have the day to myself.  SORRY!  Congrats to Rachel Magnus for winning my birthday giveaway!  I will contact you to get your address and send your awesome goodies.

I posted a question for my Facebook fans and found out that most women wash their hair 3-4 times per week.  I wash mine twice if I am lucky.  My hair is always too dry and takes a beating from working out and throwing it in endless ponytails.  Not to mention Quinn pulling it and post partum issues.

My normal routine consists of John Freida Radiant Red line of products which I stray from when I find better deals.  I was never in love with the products, except their hairspray.  Basically, I just used it because it was mid price range and smelled good.

I have contemplated trying the No Poo method, but honestly, it just seemed like more hassle than what it was worth.  So I decided to give Dr. Bronner’s a try since the soaps have the best ingredients and can be used for everything; why not use them to wash my hair?  I contacted the company and was sent a full size bottle of Peppermint Hair Creme and Shikakai Citrus Rinse.  They also sent me a sample of the Unscented Mild-Baby Pure Castille Soap and Baby Balm which I will do another post on soon!

dr bronners hair care

Dr Bronner products

label dr bronners

Step 1:  Use a small amount of soap to lather up into hair.  You really don’t need to use a lot of soap since a little goes a long way!

soapy hair dr bronners

Step 2: Add a cap full of citrus rinse to a cup of water and slowly pour over hair.  Work in by rubbing for 30 seconds.  (Note: if this drips in your mouth on accident, it tastes like orange oil but still rinse.)  Yes, it looks like poop but I assure you it smells heavenly.  I also did a coffee and coconut oil scrub to my body so I could feel really pampered.

dr bronners citrus rinse

Step 3: Yes, I use Quinn’s towels for my hair.  They are perfect!

baby towel hair

After towel drying, apply a small amount of peppermint creme to the ends of hair.  Too much will make your hair look oily.  You also could use this as an overnight mask which I did the first night and then rinsed out in the morning.

peppermint oil cremeI legit could NOT stop smelling my hair.

smelling hair

Then I let my hair finish air drying.

washed hair dr bronners

After two weeks of using this in my hair, I loved that my color was more vibrant.

dr bronners before after

Just look at that shine!

dr bronners hair update

The best part is that I don’t have to wash my hair any more than I normally would.  Still just 1-2 times per week.

I suggest you give it a try!  This soap is great for so many things; some of my favorite uses are: dish washing, fruit and vegetable wash, body wash, and cleaning my makeup brushes.  I swear my brushes have never been so clean.

clean makeup brush

clean makeup brush with dr bronners

You can snag up these soaps at Kroger, Meijer, Giant Eagle or directly from Dr. Bronner’s site.   I usually buy a huge 32 oz bottle for around $13 and it lasts me what seems like forever.

Love this stuff!

If you have tried Dr. Bronner’s, what is your favorite product or way to use it?

Do you have a favorite soap/hair product that you use?  

What is your biggest problem with your hair?

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