Total Body AMRAP

Good morning, sunshine!

How stoked are you that it’s Friday?  Do you have any sweet plans?  Are you going to #savecinco and celebrate on Saturday?  I will!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet so I can tackle a bunch of stuff today!  So here is the new AMRAP workout that I tested out on Tuesday.  It was easier to get to the gym than to workout at home so I just whipped something up.

amrap quote

What does AMRAP stand for?  As Many Reps As Possible -or- As Many Rounds As Possible

The idea behind AMRAP is to complete as many reps or rounds as you can in a specified amount of time.  More reps means you are taking less breaks which is ideal.

chuck norris amrap

So here we go!

For this workout, I already set the reps, but you will do as many rounds of these three as you can in 20 minutes.  Want more of a challenge?  Add more time!  Try 25 minutes or even 30!

amrap workout total body


I did a 7 minute warm up and 7 minute cool down so my actual workout was about 30 minutes.  I took a few breaks in between to grab a drink or just catch my breath.  If I remember right, I made it through this set (L to R) three times.  I kinda lost track…

You can find more AMRAP workouts on Pinterest and don’t forget to add this to the bunch!

Have a great weekend and make sure you enter all the giveaways going on!


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