Design Decisions


Sorry, I forgot Cinco de Mayo is over.  My news feed was going crazy with mouth watering margaritas, nachos, sombreros and other fun stuff!  I wish I could have had a patio drink with friends, but I have too much going on right now to be having fun.

I’m just waiting to hear when we close on our new house and in the meantime I am packing wandering.  I can’t seem to get focused.  This week will be a little off, but so is my life!  So hang tight because this blog is my life so I figure sometimes it needs to follow suit.

So let’s just have some fun since I can’t decide!  Your opinion, please?!

Light or dark floors?

Open kitchen cabinets?

Formal or casual dining?

Chalkboard walls?

Fun or calm office?

I think picking out house things and naming your child are the two hardest decisions EVER!  Agree?

I will be back tomorrow with a 21 Day Fix recipe!  Check back and don’t forget about the giveaway for Cuppow!

What room in your house are you most in love with?  Do you have a room that inspires you?

What project was your LEAST/MOST favorite to complete in your house?

If you could go back and do something differently, what would it be?


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