Push Harder

Hey, friends!

I am in such a good mood today for a few reasons:

1) Rob is FINALLY off work today.  When I say “off” I mean he doesn’t have to put his uniform on at all.  Sometimes he is off but still has to go to a court hearing, talk to prosecutors, or project at some stores or other locations.

2) I am going to get a lot done on the new house today.  We will be moving in this next week!

3) I got a bomb ass workout done yesterday and my “Fix” food is so delish.  Feeling great!

How are you feeling today?

So let’s chat about this workout.  I took Quinn to the Y with me and I did 21 Day Fix- Dirty 30.  This workout is such a great total body quick fix.  My butt, shoulders and abs were burning.  I also added in 2 sets of jump roping for 2 minutes each.  Look at that burn!  (Includes warm up and cool down.)

HRM burn

I also had a nice little after burn, too!

HRM burn2

Wondering why I jump rope at the end?  Recent studies show that cardio is most effective AFTER strength training.  I used to want to do cardio and get it over with.  Now I save it for last.

I haven’t gotten many chances lately to workout with all the hours Rob is working and taking care of two houses.  So let me just share 3 quick things I am loving to help me getting a bigger burn because I don’t have time to waste at the gym!

1) Jump rope

jump rope circuit

Clearly.  It’s so much more fun than just running in my book.  I can put on a quick song and make up fancy footwork.  I love the calorie torch it provides and I find that focusing on not tripping or counting different patterns makes the time fly.  You can do ANYTHING for 1 minute.

2) HRM

hrm xtreme

I love love love my Polar FT4.  I didn’t buy it so much for obsessing over how many calories to eat or not eat, but I love watching my heart rate.  It really makes me focus when I am at the gym instead of taking longer breaks or wandering.  I am consciously thinking about making the most out of my workout because I can see how effective my effort is.

3) Cute workout clothes

key tee fabletics

I swear that wearing cute tanks or a fun pair of capris really makes you feel good when you are about to get your sweat on.  If you just wear an old snarly tee shirt and sweat pants, you can have a great workout, but you won’t feel peppy.  Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel better and have more energy in bright colors!

Anything you use to put a little pep in your workout step?

Would you prefer to run or rope?

What total body workout are you loving right now?

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