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Dear heavens, my Quinn Bee already has SEVEN teeth!  Look at those gems!

I am a first time mom and although my brother was born when I was twelve, I couldn’t remember the teeth brushing rules.   I turned to my mom group on Facebook and just asked other moms when they started introducing the routine, toothbrush or toothpaste.  

I got a variety of answers from using baby toothpaste on your finger at 18 months, to using just a washcloth at 4 months.  Needless to say, I was still unsure.  

I went with my gut instinct and decided that Quinn needed to start this routine.  She is starting to understand routines so my ABA trained mind figured I should start “pairing” the toothbrush with other fun things so it would set her up for a healthy habit and make life easier down the road.

It worked and since she was about 4 months, she has been watching me brush and she imitates the actions.  She especially loves it when I sing. She wiggles and says, “shh shh shh shh” for certain parts of this song by Raffi.  We always sing this!

I still hadn’t started using toothpaste because I was so worried about her either hating it, or wanting to eat it like candy and I had always heard that toothpaste is NEVER safe for a baby to swallow.  I knew that it was time to introduce a safe training toothpaste though because her teeth need to be protected.

Did you know?… baby teeth are responsible  for “reserving” spaces for the placement of permanent teeth. The enamel on baby teeth is more susceptible to decay.  In fact, compared to your tooth enamel, your baby’s is 50% thinner!  If baby teeth are not taken care of or lost early, it can cause the permanent teeth to shift.  Orthodontic problems are likely to occur and that will cost you precious dollars!  That’s why you need expert protection and advice.

It’s really important to start teaching proper tooth hygiene at a young age and Aquafresh has your back.  The little mouth experts™ have an awesome line of training products that are designed with kids in mind.  Quinn really loves practicing with her toothbrush and she has not fussed once about the flavor of her new toothpaste: natural apple banana!

training toothpaste

Quinn really likes the flavor and says, “nana” because banana flavored anything is her favorite!  She loves the flavor so much that she tries to put more paste on the brush.  Oh, and she really enjoys pretend practicing on my teeth, too!  practice brushing

She is still getting the hang of “brushing” because she more or less likes to just suck the toothpaste off or chew on the brush.  But I know that with practice, she will get it!  The most important thing is that she wants to practice; if she sees the brush or toothpaste, she immediately starts pointing and saying, “dat dat.”  (AKA: that that)

brush teeth brush baby teethI am not at all worried about using this toothpaste with her like I normally would be with other brands.  Quinn is too young to understand spitting vs swallowing, but this toothpaste is safe (when used as directed) if she swallows a little.  In fact, you might want to check your toothpaste and see what color code you have.  I recently found out that blue means natural + medicine, but black means chemical!  YIKES!  I’m so glad I chose Aquafresh when compared to other options. 

aquafresh safety

The biggest thing to remember is to always supervise your child when brushing and PLEASE USE PRODUCT AS DIRECTED ON LABEL.

Just look at those pearly whites!  Now we just have to work on her cleaning her own face!  HOT MESS.

pearly whites

I’m excited to see how much better she does with brushing in the next few months.  We have a great start to a lifetime of healthy teeth as we keep practicing using Aquafresh Training Flouride-Free Toothpaste.

Now that we are all spiffy, we are going to celebrate her first birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUINN!

When did you start brushing with your baby?

Does your child/children enjoy having hygiene routines?

What brushing games do you play to make it fun?  Do you sing songs?

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