If We Were Having A Cocktail Right Now…

In honor of Thirsty Thursday, I am posting something fun that I originally saw on Luv What You Do.  (BTW she posts some drool worthy recipes so go visit!)

If we were having a cocktail/coffee right now, I would probably confess to you that…

drinking a martini

-Yesterday, my husband was spinning like a ballerina and I almost spit my mouth full of water all over the kitchen.  He is one funny dude.

-I haven’t had time to “workout” all week except for house projects.

-Now that I have Quinn, I REALLY hate living so far away from my parents.

-Yesterday, I couldn’t help but mean-mug a pregnant woman drinking a Slurpee.  I looked at her as if she was smoking.

-I have had to sneak eat my bananas lately because I don’t want to have to give half to Quinn.

-I was too lazy to wash my face before bed last night.

-I couldn’t be more thrilled with my blog stats currently.

-I haven’t vacuumed in almost two weeks.  Yuuuuuuuck.

-I am kinda terrified to get Quinn’s ears pierced.

-I still have Epoxy paint on my elbow.  From over a week ago.  That just won’t come off.  No matter how much I scrub.

-I want another cocktail/coffee.  Make it a strong one!

If we were having a cocktail/coffee right now, what would you confess?



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