Friday Fix 4: How To Tweak Eats

Friday Fix

How did we exist before Pinterest?

I mean seriously.

That site sucks me in for hours with all of the delicious looking recipes and I find it so fun to pin things and just adapt them to my eating style at the time.  It’s just perfect with the 21 Day Fix program.  There are so many ways to tweak your eats so that you literally can have your cake and eat it, too.

21 day fix

These are some of the most common changes I make to recipes I find online.

Swap your grain

While whole wheat and whole grains are allowed in the program, you should steer clear of white flours.  Even some whole grains are pretty awful when you read the ingredients.  A slice of bread is allowed, but unless it’s Ezekiel, I would pass.  Swapping out grains is easy to do.  Maybe instead of rice, you try quinoa.  Instead of spaghetti noodles, give spaghetti squash a chance.

Season for FREE

So many seasonings are loaded with salt or even worse MSG!  Try jarring up your own with these recipes I swear by.  When in doubt, you can always just grab some salt free seasonings from your baking aisle.

Go Greek

Mayo and sour cream will likely bust your meal plan here.  Try using Greek yogurt.  I love to use it in dips, in place of sour cream on potatoes or tacos, or even in chicken salad with some avocado or by itself.  You can use it to substitute so many things!

Add veggies

You will notice that some recipes just lack a variety of veggies.  Don’t be afraid to add more!  Instead of just making stuffed peppers with grains and meat, add in some tomato, onion and celery.  This recipe might give you some inspiration.

Fix your fats

Butter? No bueno.  Coconut oil?  Heck yes.  Just start swapping out some of the junky calorie dense-nutrient poor fats (greasy chips, ice cream, etc) with better ones.  Your body DOES need them.  Instead of butter on toast, try avocado.  Divine!  Of course make sure to cook with olive oil and add in Autumn’s list of acceptable fats.

Less cheese

This is a toughie for me.  I LOOOOVE cheese.  So many recipes you see are smothered in it.  I promise though, that when you start decreasing the amount of cheese you cloak on your foods, the other flavors will come to life.  Especially if you are using a good blend of seasonings.  So if that lasagna recipe calls for gobs of it, be creative!  Use some cottage cheese (red instead of blue) and then you can still add your container of shredded cheese (blue.)

So let’s practice, shall we?

Let’s take this mouth watering Buffalo Chicken Pizza and make it 21 Day Fix approved!

Original ingredients:

buffalo pizza

Let’s TWEAK:

  • Swap dough with sweet potato pizza crust or even a whole grain flat bread
  • Swap pizza sauce with homemade marinara (1 green)
  • Cut down on cheese or even swap for feta
  • Emit extra flour and corn meal
  • Add veggies (peppers, onion, tomato, brussel sprouts, banana peppers, etc)
  • Add olives (orange)

So go browse and give it a shot!  If you make some healthy swaps, I would love for you to post a pic to Twitter or Instagram and tag me @kaylavashti!

Have a great night!

Are you a Pinterest recipe hoarder?

What is your favorite Pinterest board so I can come peek at it?

What food swap do you use regularly?

Want to read more about 21 Day Fix?  You might enjoy my family meal plan or safe seasonings.

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