My TOP 5 (can’t miss) Blogs

Today is Social Media Day!  In honor, I wanted to share with you a few gems that I can’t cope without in my blog world.  I follow all of these blogs on Bloglovin’ and here is why you should read, too!




From Cameron Diaz’s trainer helping you break down a burpee to a foolproof smoothie guide, this site has EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition, healthy living and fitness.  I have emails sent right to my inbox and I also follow on Bloglovin’.


>>Peanut Butter Fingers<<

Who doesn’t love Peanut Butter?!  Well,  Julie has such a great mix of her workouts and real life, humor and everything nutrition.  Check out her crock pot section to save yourself some time in the kitchen!  She also has giveaways going from time to time that you don’t want to miss out on.  She is seriously so cute and I know you will connect with her posts!  >>Peanut Butter Fingers<<

diary of ex sloth

>>Diary of an Ex-Sloth<<

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love Giselle; chick has her shit together.  I mean she is a college student who lives in a dorm with other girls yet she still makes a ton of healthy food and bring you these awesome posts!  She has endless tips on eating right, giveaways, and even shares her workouts.  Make sure you check out her coconut cookie dough oats recipe…. {drool}

perfection pending

>>Perfection Pending<<

Meredith is so clever.  I get sucked in to her blog for hours sometimes.  Her blog isn’t the typical, I am a tired and busy mom show, but she posts really insightful and creative pieces.  Check out the guests and her own posts on being brave and finding magic with your children.  You will also see some family friendly recipes like her Avocado & Sweet Potato Quinoa with Cilantro Dressing… mouthful to say and I want to eat a mouthful!  YUM.

lean green bean

>>The Lean Green Bean<<

Lindsay is a Registered Dietitian from OHIO (whoop whoop!) and will bring you some delicious recipes, but her stand out material to me is her series called Bean Bytes.  I also love when her husband posts.  Funny stuff!  The couple is also pregnant, so her blog can be a great source for nutrition while growing a little bean!

Enjoy reading!

Are there any blogs you are addicted to?


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