Beyond all the hustle and bustle of maintaining two houses (one still in major need of DIY and decor) we have been having a busy but good summer.  I haven’t been doing a great job of updating you lately, so here goes:

Quinn’s pouty face whenever she is near a pool.  Scared of them lately.

quinn poolBut then she cries because she wants in…

quinn pool lock outI can only get two nails done before she needs something.  Thank, God for Jamberry.

jamberry nailsI am loving my morning time to myself.  It is worth it to get up just one hour earlier!

work deskQuinn in a boy’s fedora?  I had to.  I don’t care if it’s made for a boy, it’s too cute!

fedora quinnSherri and Evan’s wedding reception was such a blast!

Rob and IQuinn loves seeing her geemahs and geepahs that she doesn’t get to see often.

quinn at baseballquinn with grandma

I visited my mom at our Jamberry meeting and ordered this delicious steak salad at Brick St Bar and Grill.

steak salad jamberry dinnerI need to work on this eating issue… she always wants to feed herself and it’s not pretty!

quinn messy eaterWhat happened to my “little” brother?!

brotherObsessed.  Black is the new black.

black is the new blackObsessed part two.  Meijer chicken sausage grilled up with veggies.  Add avocado and it’s #boomsauce.

grilled veggies with sausageZoo days mean we get close up encounters of the animals!

zoo up close encounterTrips to the greenhouse just to gawk.

quinn green houseWe may be super busy, but sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses.

smell the rosesPart 2: House, is tomorrow!

What fun/busy/silly things have you been up to?

Ya down with black coffee?

Can baby girls wear boy clothes?

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