Analysis = Paralysis

Lately, I have been feeling so scared about a few goals I have for myself and I debate just avoiding them.  When I say debate avoiding, I mean just prolong until it’s too late.  I am really good at doing that.  But I think back to the familiar feeling of being scared and how that has led to many missed opportunities; I can’t help but hate that feeling even more.

Do you know the feeling?

Scared of looking stupid.  Scared of failing.  Scared of trying something new.  Scared of the unknown.  Scared scared scared.

One of the first things that comes to mind was my decision to pass on college volleyball scouting and tryouts.  I was too scared of being told I wasn’t good enough.  I was too scared to attend a big school.  I was scared I was going to hate it.

So I missed out.

I wish I could go back and do it all over again, but now it’s too late for that second chance.  Instead, I am going to move forward by taking more first chances and stop analyzing to the point of paralyzing myself.

Chalene Johnson always says that your goals should be so big that they ARE scary and give you butterflies.

So I am sharing them with you.  To get it on paper out there.  I know you will hold me accountable.  Won’t you?

1) Get PiYo certified.  I freaking love the program and 100% believe that the best fitness routine has a mix of strength and flexibility.  I want to teach either in a group setting or 1:1 through online sessions, but again, I’m scared of: messing up, not passing, leading a class.

2) Training for fitness photography.  I want to be able to take some awesome shots for different fitness posts I put out on the blog.  It would be really cool if I could also do some small side modeling jobs for fitness topics.  It’s crazy scary though.  What if: I look bad, I have critics, I don’t eat right, I don’t make progress or I’m not perfect

3) I want to attend a BIG blog conference.  It’s something I need to do so I can learn more as a blogger and meet more brands and influential people in the biz.  I’m terrified to: travel by myself, meet new people, and leave Quinn behind.

I know these three things can dramatically impact my future and all three give me a determined yet scared $#!tless feeling.

I just need to go for it!

What goal do you have set for yourself that is SCARY?

Can you recall a time you missed out because you were scared and regret it?

What goal had you scared, but you went after it anyway?

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    Yes! Yes! Yes! Scared beyond scared! Trying for the FD is THE craziest thing I have ever done, or ever even thought I would try!

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    I LOVE this post Kayla! I remember being in camp and pretending I was sick to get out of the camp play. I used to have a huge fear of public speaking, and it even prolonged me from signing up for yoga certification for a few years because I was scared of leading people. I, like you, didn’t want my fears to hold me back anymore, so I leaped in! I don’t think you should regret anything because missing the Volleyball tryouts is something that makes you the inspiring person you are today! If you wouldn’t have had that experience, then you wouldn’t have the emotions that came out of it to inspire you to get over your fears. You also might be somewhere totally different, and then we would have never met! Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo, Monica
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      This is so true and I used to feel the same way as a kid if we had to do role playing for anything in school. I was fine speaking in front of people, but corny games made me feel so nervous and scared! So glad things happened the way they did and that I have positive people like you in my life!

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