Pull-Up Training AMRAP

The other day I posted about us ladies and our pull-up fears.  In case you missed it, you might want to peek so that you know why they are crucial for us.  I also shared some tips on how to actually get your first one under your belt chin.

So a few of you left me some awesome comments about finally being able to do ONE pull-up!  You should be ecstatic!  It’s not easy and any girl who can do at least one should be PROUD!

I also got some questions.  (Love getting questions and feedback from you!  In fact, I am going to start doing some videos to help!)

“Do I just keep working on increasing how many I can do?    I still can’t do one, how can I get stronger?  How can I work on them at home?  What if I can’t hang a pull-up bar in my house?”

Don’t worry.  I’m about to break it down!

Increasing difficulty

You can always wear a weighted vest or ankle weights just to increase the difficulty.  Don’t forget about all the different variations that really make you work.  Play and make up your own!  There are no rules.

Need a little more upper body strength

Here is a workout that you can add into your routine 2-3 times a week.  It will target the back, lats, shoulders, biceps and chest which are used to engage and complete a pull-up.

pull up workout

Working on pull-ups at home

Good news.  I just got an awesome portable bar that I am incorporating into my workouts daily!  It folds flat so you can tuck it under a bed or shimmy it behind a couch.  It’s lightweight, took me two minutes to set up, AND it doesn’t have to hang!  It’s called The Workhorse, created by Dr. Len Lopez.

workhorse pull up

I’ve been having so much fun with this little fella (or lady?!)  Even just spending five minutes on inverted pull ups gives me a chance to work the posterior half of my body.  Dr. Len stresses that only doing pull-ups/plank will lead to muscle imbalance and I agree entirely!

So after I warm up with PiYo or 21 Day Fix, I like to just take a few minutes to play around.  It looks something like this…

workhorse pull up

Post by Work Horse Fitness.

I’ve been doing different hand variations like reverse grip, narrow grip, wide grip, and opposing grips.  I’ve also been making it more challenging by using my legs less; adding a stability ball or lifting one leg does the trick.  Even doing towel pull-ups would be super hard!

workhorse pull up

I definitely get tired and it’s a great workout for me, but I do still like to work toward improving on regular vertical pull-ups.  I always think it’s good to work muscles from all angles and inverted vs vertical is slightly different.

Either way, you should be doing something to work your back side.  Your posture will improve and a sexy back and toned arms are just an added bonus!

If this post really helped you, please DO share it on Pinterest!  I’ve made it easy for you!

How many pull-ups are you up to?

Would you rather do 100 pushups or 100 pull-ups?

What is your favorite fitness accessory right now?

DISCLOSURE: I received The Workhorse as compensation for this post, while all opinions stated are my own. For more on my disclosure policy, head HERE.



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