The Answer? Paint… Always Paint.


I have a burst of energy this morning because I am running on a high from fumes my project last night.  Take a peek at what I did!

kitchen after white 1

The white counters didn’t look bad in pictures, but everything stained them!  They always looked dirty in person unless I scrubbed them with magic erasers six times a day.  I think this just gives it more depth, too.

kitchen before white 2

kitchen after white 6

I know it’s not the most magazine worthy kitchen, but I am doing the best I can to make it look more inviting.  When we bought New House, we wanted to completely remodel the kitchen and had the money to do it.  Once our buyer backed out of our old house, we just buckled down and decided we should really keep a bigger emergency fund.

kitchen after white 5

Well a few unexpected hundreds were spent on random things that broke or needed TLC, so we buckled down even more.  We knew we needed some money for furniture since half the house is bare and we want to knock out a wall to create a bed/master walk in closet area.  So after all of these things, there just isn’t extra for a brand spankin’ shiny new kitchen.

kitchen after white 4

Honestly, after moving in, the cabinets weren’t as bad as I thought, just a little awkwardly sized, so it was the best project to put on hold.  Lord knows, you don’t want a kitchen project started and half finished for more than a weekend.

kitchen after white 3

So… two years.  I’m counting down.

I still want to add some chalkboard paint to the cabinets for a menu and grocery list area, plus a kid friendly spot.  Quinn might want to color while I cook someday!  I also need to finish painting the walls and add an accent wall.

A few details about this project since everyone had questions on Facebook:

What did you use for paint?  We decided on Rustoleum Specialty Countertop Coating kit from Lowe’s.  There are other kits with flecks, but they are almost upwards of $250.  Not as budget friendly for us and have three steps vs just one.

How long did it take?  It took me one hour.  I taped, and got right to painting!

Did you have to prime? Nope.  This goes right on laminate as is.  If you have a really shiny surface, you can prime or lightly sand.

How much did it cost? Since I only needed to purchase paint, we spent $40.  We bought two cans, but we actually only needed one which was surprising considering we have A LOT of counter space.

What color tint?  We decided to tint the dark base to “Granite.”

What tools do you need?  I already had tape, rollers and a brush, but purchased the paint.  I used fine finisher 4″foam rollers and Scotch Blue tape.  The paintbrush was just a cheapie since I am not one who likes to clean brushes after oils/epoxy.  I just pitched it!

It’s definitely worth the price and the time involved.  Let me just recap the before/after!

before after kitchen 2 before after kitchen 1

Have more questions?  Just leave me a comment below and I am glad to help you out.  If it’s something you want to tackle for your own home, be sure to pin it for future reference!

Are you a paint-aholic?

What is the weirdest thing you ever painted for a facelift?

What one kitchen detail could you NOT live without?

Is there anything in your kitchen you would love to change?

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