Refresh Results Are In!

It’s summer.  There are endless cookouts and adult beverages that can derail you from eating clean and feeling your best.

Believe me, I get it!


Something I am really excited about that Beachbody just released is the 3-Day Refresh.  It’s intended to clean up your diet, get you back on track, or just get you rolling on creating some healthier habits.

In the past, I have done the 3 Day Shakeology cleanse and always felt a little sluggish by day two.  I started mentioning to my customers to try just having two shakes a day vs three because I felt that real food was important, and three shakes could be too much sweetness.  So, we started doing the cleanse with just two shakes and added vegetables plus a salad with lean protein.

I also have done the 21 Day Ultimate Reset which I love so much.  I’ve never felt better in my entire life and had excellent results.  The downside to this was that 21 days can be a long time to stick to a very strict meal plan (no matter how delicious.)  There is always something to attend that falls in this time frame, I mean… it’s almost a month long!  So for some, this is too long.  Not to mention, you can only walk and do yoga during this because the body needs to be focused on detox and not muscle recovery.

I was struggling to find the middle ground.

I wanted something that had the benefits of each cleanse.  Short and healthy.  Effective and delicious.  Nutrient dense and practical.

I got my wishes!

One of my best customers decided to test it out for us.  Let’s peek at her pictures, first!

3 day refresh results

Here’s how it went for her:

After Day 1- “First day was rough with headaches due to lack of caffeine. I would suggest to someone who drinks a lot of caffeine, like me, start weaning yourself before the program.  I found that I had a lot of energy yesterday and my mood what is great.  This morning I woke up feeling refreshed drink more water and are ready to go and I’ve already lost a pound in one day”

After Day 2- “I feel like I’ve got lots of energy.  I had a half a cup of coffee to help me through my caffeine issues… sleeping really well I feel rested. I feel like I’m in a really good mood. I didn’t weigh myself today because I’m anxious to see what happens on my last day.   I don’t feel hungry, I’m not craving any chocolates which was a good thing because I crave them everyday and have to ignore my cravings. “

After Day 3- “I just seem to have a lot more energy the last two days and I don’t feel hungry at all throughout the day because I’m eating all the time are drinking a shake.”

What was your reason for trying the 3 Day Refresh?  “I wanted to freshen up my diet.”

How much did you lose by doing the 3 Day Refresh?  “I lost two pounds, 1/4 inch in each leg, 1/2 inch in waist.  Most important, I have more energy and feel fantastic.”

How much time did you have to spend cooking each day?  “I spent about an hour a day.”

Did you have a favorite recipe?  “No favorite recipe.  I lied fav recipe was the cucumber and tomato salad.”

Was there anything you didn’t like?  “Loved the food except the fiber drink.  It was hard to get down with flavor and texture.”  (Note taken, I am going to find a way to make it better and will share my secret!)

What changes did you notice from Day 1-Day 3 with your mood/sleep/energy? (I think her above statements were pretty clear!  LOTS of energy, great mood and feeling well rested!) 

Overall?  I had so much energy; I needed the boost.  Also all my cravings for junk was gone. ” 

Is this something you would do every month if cost wasn’t a factor?  “Yes I would.  I’m thinking about next month for sure. Stopped all bloating and my skin even felt good if that makes sense.” << Makes perfect sense!

WOW!  Who doesn’t want that?!  Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us, girl!  I am keeping this anonymous per her request.

I am going to start a 3 Day Group in August for those of us who are ready to clean it up!  You can order it HERE and I will add you.  In the private group, I will share other clean recipes, videos and tips to help you get back on track or give you the kick in your ass start you need!  This is what you would get in your kit:

3 day refresh kit 3 day refresh kit includes3 day refresh kit includes2

I want to do something REALLY special for you, though.  So as an added bonus, I will do a FREE 15 minute consultation with you on Google Hangouts or Facetime.  We can chat about your specific needs and make a game plan!  (This is only FREE and available to anyone who orders through me.)

I can’t wait to refuel and recharge with you!  As always, feel free to email or connect with me on social media so that I can answer any questions and help you!

What do you splurge more on: food or drinks?

Do you notice a difference in your skin when you eat differently?

What would you hope to gain/lose from doing a clease of any kind?

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